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First time in public

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by snappytom, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. snappytom


    Aug 17, 2005
    First public, paying gig in a local restaurant/pub last night. Have been together since the spring and played a couple of (free) backyard parties over the summer. Added a proper lead guitarist in September and have been polishing things up since then (now a 4 piece with singer).

    Loading-in and setting up was a hassle as we had to wait for 2 tables to finish dinner so the space could be cleared. Then the area we had was pretty small. Got it all setup with minimal fuss and proceeded with the show.
    By the 3rd song we had them in the palm of our hands. Granted, the crowd was stacked with a lot of friends and family, but also a lot of local musicians who had been waiting for us to step out. The crowd responded very well as we picked up the pace and the 2nd set really rocked (played 3 sets in all over 3.5 hours).

    We really needed to get this one over with as the local anticipation was getting to be too much (maybe it was just in our heads). As a group we were tight and as individuals no one freaked. The usual jitters and nervous stomach during the day before the show but nothing that was too much to deal with. Had a nasty cramp at the end of the 2nd set, picking index finger just folded up, thankfully I play with more than 1. Drummer had a forearm cramp in the 3rd set that was bad too.

    Feedback from the crowd and the pub owners was positive. We already have another date in February set at this place and they want us to play another place that they manage.
    All of us are in our early 40's with family, jobs, etc, so getting the opportunity to do this is very rewarding.
  2. Serpreme


    Dec 12, 2005
    Awesome job! Keep up with it and i'm sure you'll do well. Glad to hear you overcame the stage fright bit. I dont know if i could.
  3. I still havn't jumped yet. I'm hopeing next year may bring me to the stage.