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first time refinishing, have few questions.

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by FenderBender82, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. hi. i got bored with the look of my old MAJ p-pass today and before i knew it i had torn it apart and started sand off the old black finish with my trusty D.A, sander. after i removed most of the paint from the flat surfaces i noticed that fender put some sort of treatment over the raw wood before they painted it, what is this? it comes off easily but i would like to know what i'm sanding and if i should reapply it before i do anything else. also whats a good chemical stripper to use as i am having a hard time with the edges and cutaways and will chemical strippers effect the outcome since i plan on using a transparent finish. so on to finishes, i want something similar to the transparent honey finish that musicman uses, what should i use? what are the best product that are affordable and easy to get my hands on. i'm looking for a very durable finish with a high gloss, what would you suggest? thanks for the help and sorry if i come across as a noob with this stuff, but i am.
  2. any help before i do something stupid
  3. I used an "Aircraft" stripper on a Washburn poly finish once, and it soaked into the bare wood causing much discoloration. I ended up sanding with a belt sander to get past the ugliness. Be Careful if you are looking for a semi trans finish!!
  4. tifftunes

    tifftunes Guest

    There are a couple of industrial strippers I've used in refinishing good wood in ancient apartment buildings... Should be the same for guitars...

    Fender seals the wood with a "clear" sealant, THEN paints. I'm not certain if it's the same for their transparent finishes...

    Bix is good for stripping. Use a well ventilated room!!

    Personally, I would leave the OE sealant on. It will add to the "vintage look."

    As for finishes, I'm not an expert... I'd be satisfied with polyurethane... Slightly yellowed, of course.

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