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First two frankenbass projects

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by abotaun, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. abotaun


    Dec 8, 2007
    IMG_20170611_133355.jpg I have been interested in building and repair for a long time, and assisted in a workshop building guitars and basses back in 2004. Then I started building a bass then, hit some obstacles, moved, and just never finished. I will have to return to that project at some point. I have tried messing with it a few times, but never get too far. So I figured I would build up some experience and confidence with some fun parts basses.
    The first is a Warwick rockbass Corvette body, alder with maple top. Then I found a cheap ktone neck on eBay, just maple and rosewood. The pickups and hardware we're parts that I had from way back. DeArmond gold tone humbuckers, which I had just thought looked cool. Then the bridge and tuners I had found online, in 2004 and were a brand called custom shop guitars. I can't find much on them now, so I'm not sure on the quality, but it will be good to use them. The main job now is routing for the pickups and opening up the neck slot to fit the ktone.

    The second project is a Peavey foundation s body (polpar maybe), with a guitar fetish maple/maple neck. Gotoh gb2 tuners, bartolini pj pickups, sadowsky preamp, and hipshot kickass bridge. I had more fun shopping on this one. There is no control cavity cover, so I ordered some wood to make one. And I may make a pickguard kind of thing to cover the holes where there used to be rims around the pickups. Looking forward to getting these done, however, it will be a slow road since we just had our second child. Not sure why I waited until the busiest time in life to get more serious about a project. But these are my summer goals. IMG_20170611_133425.jpg IMG_20170611_133723.jpg IMG_20170611_133641.jpg
  2. abotaun


    Dec 8, 2007
    Ok, getting things moving slowly. I am working installing the gotoh tuners on the guitar fetish neck, and learned that the pre drilled holes are not spaced correctly. The a and d strings fit fine, but I will have to do some work to fit the e and g tuners. In the meantime I was going to shield control cavities with copper foil. Got the Peavey done, but the Warwick has a layout routed that they must use for their electronics. It would have been a pain to cover it with copper, so I routed that down to an even shelf in there. $_1.JPG . Here is an example of what it did look like. And now it is flat.

    That should be easier. I will open up the neck pocket next, but I needed a shorter router bit with a top bearing, so will wait for that in the mail. That was harder to find than I thought it would be.

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  3. abotaun


    Dec 8, 2007
    I made a little more progress on my first project. I routed for humbuckers, and opened up the neck pocket a bit. Next I will make some effort to make the ktone neck a generic. I may put a design or stripe over the name, or try to take it off. Any suggestions on getting writing off of black plastic? IMG_20170703_145146.jpg
  4. abotaun


    Dec 8, 2007
    I am almost done now with the Warwick project. All that is left is to finish the wiring and bolt on the neck. Because none of the parts are made to go together, I made a lot of little adjustments. I learned that the bourns pots are 1/4" and the stewmac knobs I got are 6mm. So I made an adjustment there. I used the pickup frames as a guide for routing, and then learned that the pickups are tapered a bit at the bottom, so I had to open up the cavities a bit. I wanted to make the headstock nameless, so I ended up trimming a decorative stripe through the plastic to expose the maple underneath. The Pickups wiring diagram has a vvtt setup like a les Paul, with a switch. I was going to skip the switch until I read more about how vvtt controls affect each other so much. I figured the switch will give the option to isolate the pickups a little more. Can't wait to get this done. I hope setup goes smoothly. The ktone neck has a really long area for the neck pocket, so it sticks out a ton on the back. I will be the only one that will see it, but maybe I could shape a ramp if it ends up being uncomfortable. I will post pics when it is done.
  5. abotaun


    Dec 8, 2007
    Ok, so it is kind of done. The electronics actually work, which was a relief. But I encountered a real "cart before the horse" kind of thing. Right before I put the neck on, and after I customized the neck pocket to fit this neck, I realized that the neck has quite a bow in it without any string tension. Then I learned that the truss rod won't budge... So I put it all together and the action is real high. Not my style. Otherwise things look and sound good. So I will look at my options from here. I will try to unstick it, or maybe look at a new truss rod. But it has been a good learning experience. I also learned to plan out string spacing with pickups better. They sound even enough, but it looks a little goofy having the strings now go directly over the pole pieces. And I will start focusing on the Peavey project now. IMG_20170804_153247.jpg IMG_20170804_153233.jpg
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