Firtst practice bass amplifier.

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  1. nygreekkid93


    Apr 16, 2012
    I have a Fender Jazz bass witch I about from GC for 499$. I use guitar rig right now for an amp until I get real amplifier for my bass. I want a good practice bass that I could also use for a relatively small gig ( and I don't know how many watts are needed). They are many option out there and I'm confused. Because I'm new to the bass world I don't know what brand to buy ?

    I know that Ampeg is one of the best brands out there but I've heard that their new gear is not as good as the old. I was thinking about the Ampeg BA 108 (25 watts) I also like Markbass but too expensive for what I need. Is there any suggestions.

    I consider:
    -portability (lightweight and small)
    -tone (everybody wants a sound close to what plays in there head)
    -budget (top 150 $. But if there is something better and worth the money I'll go for it)
  2. With your budget you need to shop used. With a $150 limit, your options new are also quite limited. You also need to be realistic that Volume, portability, and cost are all in balance. You have set your budget so that part is taken care of, if you want loud, it wont be as portable. If you want portable, then it wont be as loud. Tone is subjective, so its a side topic, but it doesnt matter what your tone is if you cant hear it over a heavy handed drummer.

    I recommend you go find some used Peavey gear. It wont be the smallest or lightest gear. But you will be able to find used gear in your budget that is durable and loud.