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Fishman Fission or used Akai Unibass

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bassbones2, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. had the Akai years ago and loved it but dumped it for the Vbass which has now also been dumped……….

    Which is best?

  2. If you can find a reasonably priced UniBass that that is your best bet. I tried the Fission and while it is not as bad as some folks say the Akai tracks better, but maybe that's because I have been using one for so long.
    The update Whammy might offer an alternative.
  3. whats reasonable?
  4. I have been halfheartedly looking for one under 200 bucks, but then I am a cheapskate.
  5. Get a Line6 M9. It can do all the things a Fission can do and more. And it's way more tweakable and has tons of expression parameters. I've used it for Octave up, 2 Octaves up, 5th up, 12th up, 4th down, and combinations of all of these. You also aren't limited to just these intervals. Just stack the pitch glide effects and put some dirt after them.
  6. 4StringsEnough


    Mar 9, 2008
    The M9 can't split the signal so that only the octave note gets distorted. The pitch glide works well but it won't emulate a rhythm guitar in the way the Unibass or Fission will.
  7. I think its important to be able to distort the guitar tones and not the bass ones….one of the reasons the whammy is not on my list. Never heard of the M9….I'll look at it thx

  8. had cheap fission's and unibass' on the radar for awhile now and scored a Unibass used from the guitar center web page last night for $139.

    looking forward to it……..