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Fishman pickup

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Gabby355, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. Gabby355


    Dec 9, 2001
    I bought a fishman pickup, the ones that come off easy, and im having problems with the sound quality. But the bigger problem is when I'm not using it and its on the bass and i get a buzzing like sound. (it has to be on inbetween the jazz peices) Any thoughts would be helpful
    Thanks a bunch
  2. Try to locate the buzzing source:
    - maybe one of the felted brass clips touches a string?
    - do you use the sponge ring into the bridge wing, to pass the pickups cable? (to prevent the cable from touching the wood of the bridge, causing a buzz)
    - is the metal bracket that holds the output jack on the silk thread part of the string, or on the metal wound part? (be sure it is on the silk part)
    - is the ground wire coming off the output jack wrapped in-between the strings or loose?

    As for the sound quality:
    - what combo or amp do you use?
    - do you use a buffering preamp between the pickup and amp?

    Most amps or combos have an input impedance which is much too small for a piezo pickup. This causes pickup loading, and the tone is very thin and brittle.
  3. Both of your problems are likely related to the way the Fishman clips to the bridge.
    Fishman instructs you to clip the transducers to the top surface of the bridge, which is usually slightly curved. This creates a tiny gap around the edges of the transducers, which can be the source of all kinds of nasty tone problems, including uncontrolable feedback. The buzzing you hear when you are not using an amplifier is a good indication that this is the source of your problem.
    A good workaround to this problem is to mount the transducers to the bottom side of the bridge, which is flat and provides a better mating surface.
    Fishmans seem like they always need a buffer preamp to help match input impedence.
    I've found the Sansamp Bassdriver to be a very flexible preamp for this purpose.
    Try (all hail) Bob Gollihur's site for preamps.
  4. I had a fishman by itself for the better part of two years. This may sound overly simple, but check that the ground wire is not rattling anywhere. If it's not on tight, you'll get a really crazy buzz happening. For the longest time, I ran the bp-100 with the fishman preamp and a cheap guitar eq pedal. In all honesty, this worked through the majority of bar and society gigs I played with minimal feedback. In my opinion, the fishman on it's own doesn't give enough of the fundamental in the note to work with.
  5. I have had the bp-100 for about two years now, and have to say im really not too impressed. I have seen pickups that are put under the foot of the bridge, and ave heard also that some people do this with the bp-100. Is this a good idea?

    Also, about that rattling (which only seems to happen at important gigs!), i was convinced that the problem was the grounding wire. I then borrowed a friends bp-100, and he had actually cut the wire off! Oddly enough, the sound was much better. I still didnt go near my pickup with a scissors, but its getting tempting....

    Oh and could someone tell me an online store that has a good selection of fishmann products? Thinking about investing in a pre-amp....i'm still but a poor student, any suggestions? (once again an online purchase would be super sweet!)
  6. I may have put this in another thread somewhere, but your idea of changing the location of the fishman is a good one in my opinion. I don't know what it would sound like under the foot, but i've got mine fixed in the bridge slots a la Underwood (thanks again Mr. Gollihur). This knocked down the finger noise to a minimum. As far as the pre-amp goes, it was the only thing that kept me from throwing the bp-100 into the river. Big help. Check e-bay.


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