Fishman Platinum Pro-EQ DI/Preamp $100 shipped

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    Aug 11, 2002
    Purchased this unit two weeks ago from David Wilson. It's in brand new condition. I bought it anticipating we were going to have big PA troubles, but we got the PA repaired. I never used it and other bills demand attention, so I'm just looking to get out of it what I have in it--$100 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. It's really nice and if you're thinking about a Sansamp, you owe it to yourself to try this first. Info:

    With this product, Fishman set out to make an easy to use, road-worthy "Swiss Army Knife" preamp/DI that is especially dialed in for bass instruments. A versatile control layout features five bands of bass-EQ, a photo-optic compressor and an innovative "depth" control for dialing in big bottom without boom. The unit's advanced circuitry is recessed into a road-rugged 12-gauge steel platform, surrounded by tough injection-molded bumpers. For a smooth, musical response and tube-like warmth Fishman uses sweet sounding J-FET technology throughout. Plus, an exclusive "Voltage Doubler" gives you the extra front-end headroom needed for today's high-output active basses. Pro-audio features include an accurate and smooth sounding XLR DI with a pre/post EQ switch, plus 48-Volt phantom power operation. The XLR's special hum-killing ground lift switch does not interrupt phantom power, unlike some other bass DI's.