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  1. Hi
    I have just bought a David Gauge Realist pickup and fitted it as instructed. The sound is as expected and needs some getting used to as I am a long term Underwood/Shadow user.

    My problem is the E & A strings seem noticably choked compared to the D & G strings which sound much better and open. The E&A lack volume also.

    I would appreciate some tips on how best to fit this pu to get the best sound. I followed the instructions and fitted it under the E side of the bridge. I am prepared to give this pu a chance having heard plenty of players using it successfully

    Appologies if this information is elsewhere on this forum. Just point me in the right direction so I can get playing with it at gigs.

    mucho thanks
  2. Ric Vice

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    Jul 2, 2005
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    Well, I'm using a Realist that I recently installed just the way you
    descibed and IMHO, it sounds great. If its not sounding great, I would check to see that the foot of the bridge is setting right in the center of the Realist. It's like "centering" a rectangle (the bridge foot) within another rectangle (the Realist). Other than that, you might wan't to check our collective post on "The Lifespan of a Realist". Be sure and sent in the Warranty Slip that you got with the pickup. That, at least coveres you for a year if you have problems. The collective wisdom around here feels that the pickup probably sounds better on a carved instrument.


    PS: Sorry I can't be more helpful
  3. thanks for advice, I'll reposition it to see if it helps and read that thread

    I have been using the Shadow pu today with the Realist in place but not plugged in and the whole sound of the bass has changed!

    I am sure it makes a big difference to the way the bass resonates when you put lumps of metal under the bridge (or anywhere else for that matter)