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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by tomstoats, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. wat advice can you give me when fitting pick up covers and pick up covers in genral to a fender jazz, like:

    wer can i buy the mutes to put in side pup cover or do they come with them and are they worth having?

    wat shud i consider when drilling especially into the scratch plate, do u guys have any plans to show the correct postion to drill?

    how will drilling effect the bass's sound?

    and most of all would it be cheeper just to pay the extra and get a vintage reissue?
  2. Are you referring to the plastic pup covers on every Jazz pup since the beginning or a custom pup cover?

    What is this "mute" you are talking about? Pic?

    It sounds like you are trying to put Jazz pups in a Jazz - what's the problem and why would you have to drill or route anything?

    Be MUCH more descriptive!
  3. phatcactus


    Apr 2, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Mutes will (surprise!) mute the tone, as if you had your palm on the strings near the bridge. They were originally used to kill some sustain and get a tone closer to an upright. I got a set from Angela Instruments, but I would never recommend doing business with them again. I'm pretty sure basspartsresource.com sells them.

    First, take a peek under your pickguard to make sure you're not gonna drill through anything important. Then just place the covers on and make marks through the screw holes, lightly tap a nail against each mark to keep the drillbit from slipping, and drill your holes.

    It won't.

    Not likely. A set of covers shouldn't cost more than $40.

    (Mod edit: Keep commerce transactions confined to PM, email, or the Gear for Sale forum)

    EDIT: Just noticed you're in England, so I'm not so sure about sending you my mutes. :) Sorry. And while I'm editing, I should warn you that those covers do get in the way. I put some on my P bass deluxe (because I can't resist shiny things), but if I anchored my thumb on the neck pickup, I wouldn't have.