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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Jisch, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. a bit of a set back, it looks like I got some of that goop that wasn't drying into the finish. It shows up as bluish hazy spots in the finish on the back of the neck. I also see a sanding mark from the sanding planer. Best to sand back and start over on the finish. I'm in no rush.
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  3. I looked at it after typing that and I may "live with it", not sure right now.
  4. Fat Freddy

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    Feb 23, 2016
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    None of my business, but as my Grandmother was very fond of saying, "If a job's worth's worth doing well".....:)
  5. I looked at it again (do I look at my basses too much?), it's not good enough, it's getting sanded back to wood for certain. (and thanks for that @Fat Freddy)
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    Don't thank me....Thank my Granny!...:D
  7. See my granny says "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing twice"
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    Feb 23, 2016
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  9. Amazing it took 3 days to put on the tung oil and about an hour to remove it. That stuff is not as deep as expected. Anyway, I got two coats back on, it looks much better. Onward.
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  10. It looks like the refinish went well, ready to be built. I don't have any material for the nut. I think I go with ebony or something, have to see what Woodcraft has in stock.

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  11. I played a little joke on myself with the wiring channels, whew they are tight and circuitous, so glad I had pictures up here on TB to remind me of how to route the wires. There was a logic to it, but let's call it pretzel logic. Wires run, I probably won't get to do more until tomorrow or later tonight.

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  12. It was a busy weekend, but I got the electronics physically mounted I should get it strung up tonight.
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  13. I got it wired up this morning, it looks like there's a problem with the bridge pickup. I haven't strung it up yet, but doing the tap test I get nothing out of that pickup. I swapped wires on the preamp and the bridge pickup didn't work in either position. It could be a simple broken wire, I'll need to pull the pickup and check it out. Ugh.

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  14. I pulled the pickup and measured it with a VOM, it's wide open. ugh. Contacting Lace.
  15. Duder


    Dec 6, 2014
    That's a bummer, man. I hope they take care of you.
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  16. They gave me an RMA number have to send it back to CA for assessment. It's entirely possible I messed something up when installing, but I was careful so I don't think so. Either way, no big deal. I have other basses.
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  17. I got the pickup back pretty quickly, about a week turn around time. I was looking at it and wondering if it was the same pickup re-wired or a new one. It was obvious it had new wires on it. I went to install it and found that they had used extra epoxy to hold the shrink tubing on (I guess it's the same pickup), which meant my hole was too small. Nothing like routing on a "finished" bass. All went well, it's installed and passes the tap test. I need to install the screws and get the nut slotted, probably finish it up tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm applying the finish to that four string, whew.

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  18. I got the bass together last night, it still needs some set up work, but it sounds pretty amazing. That Audere Preamp has serious flexibility. I'll try to get some recordings. I messed up the spacing on the nut too, I'll need to recut it. I'll get some better pictures, but here's a couple:


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    Feb 23, 2016
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  20. A bit of a zombie update:

    I've got the next week off work so I'm going to go through all my basses and fix them up. It's not like there are major things wrong, just small things that I need to clean up.

    For a while this was my main bass (until the next bass was done). The last few basses I've made have had really thin necks and I've grown to like those a lot. When I picked this one up the other day I I really noticed how thick the neck was. Of course I figured I'd just be taking a little off the back, doing the profile over again, refinishing, done.

    I pulled it down yesterday to take a good hard look at it. It turns out that the back is just about as thin as any of my other necks, but the fingerboard was really thick. I had forgotten all the problems I had planing down the fingerboard with the sandpaper getting gummed up.

    So instead of doing a reshape on the back, I'm doing one on the front. My last couple of basses have also featured flat fingerboards, so I might as well do that at the same time.
    View attachment 3179804
    First I removed the CA glue with a RO sander, then took the crown off the fingerboard so it was relatively flat using a shinto then hand sanding everything flat.
    View attachment 3179805
    Then I used a level to sand it flat end to end.
    View attachment 3179806
    I'll need to recess the bridge a bit as the saddles were all the way down already.
    View attachment 3179807
    I started the CA coating process, which I HATE, but I love round wounds on a fretless, so there's not much choice.
    View attachment 3179808
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