Five Wires on Humbuckers for ES335

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by buzzby, May 17, 2021.

  1. buzzby


    Nov 20, 2020

    I have a an ES335-style bass kit I'm putting together.

    I bought a couple of Bill and Becky Wilde L-90s to replace the humbuckers that came in the kit.

    Bill and Becky's site has the following instructions on wiring the pickups
    (Wiring and Technical Information):

    All Pickups with White/Black/Red/Green/Blue Wires
    • White Wire -- Hot
    • Black/Blue Wires -- Ground
    • Red/Green Wires -- Twist together, insulate with shrink wrap or electrical tape for humbucking
    Given this, my plan is to:
    1. Solder the end of the white wire to the corresponding lug on the volume pot
    2. Cut the black and blue wires about an inch from where they come out of the pickup, solder the ends together with a single wire that will run to ground on one of the volume pots
    3. Cut the red and green wires about an inch from where they come out of the pickup, solder then ends together and insulate the ends
    4. Note that I'll twist the white wire with the result of the blue/black wire as it travels to the volume pot for power (white lead) and grounding (other wire).
    I haven't done this before. My plan makes sense to me, having read a bit online, but definitely want to check with the experts here before I potentially make a mistake.

    Thank you for your help with this!

  2. dwizum


    Dec 21, 2018
    Your plan sounds good in terms of what you're connecting with what, but I wouldn't cut the leads short. Doing so can be frustrating if you need to change things down the road, and it will likely be seen as devaluing the pickups if you ever decide to sell them. Plus it doesn't really accomplish anything advantageous over just soldering the wires together at their terminus - a single wire isn't better than two.

    So - I would run the black and blue together to your ground point. And I would leave the red and green long and solder them together (with insulation). If the wires are all loose straight out of the pickup, just twist them all together.
  3. buzzby


    Nov 20, 2020
    I appreciate the your perspective on preserving the original state of the pickups.

    I work in the RF field, so I'm very sensitive to having any length of "antenna" in my circuits to pick up noise--especially since Wilde pickups are supposedly among the quietest pickups and I don't want to introduce any noise if possible.

    I'll try what you suggest first. If I find them quiet and performing well, I'm done!


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  4. dwizum


    Dec 21, 2018
    In that case, I'd cut to the chase and solder a length of shielded 4 conductor cable right at the pickup, then run it to the controls! I can appreciate your perspective at any rate.
  5. buzzby


    Nov 20, 2020
    I'll stick with the no-cut approach for starters, and then see what I may need to do from there. Thanks.
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