Fixed! (Photos of G&L El Toro wiring?)

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    Dec 5, 2002

    Short version: Does anyone have good close-up pics of the wiring of their El Toro that they'd be willing to share with me?

    Longer version: I recently picked up an El Toro. Love the bass. I'm pretty unhappy with the seller at the moment, but that's a different story...

    I'm trying to undo some messed up wiring in order to get the series mode switch working. I have the wiring diagram from bassesbyleo:

    I've now got everything wired per the diagram. I've checked every connection (all switches, pots, etc.) to verify that it matches the diagram, but a new problem cropped up. The problem is that the treble control is now acting as a volume control. I can't see any reason why it should- it's got a treble bleed cap on one leg of the pot and the wiper goes to ground. There's not much to it. The third leg of the treble pot goes to the preamp. Unless the cap shorted internally there's no reason why this should happen. I can test the cap tonight, anyway.

    As I was trying to figure out the problem I looked at the schematic:

    Although this doesn't explain my problem, I noticed a difference between the schematic and the wiring diagram. If you're wiring savvy, take a look at the way the bass pot is shown on the schematic vs. on the wiring diagram. They appear to disagree. Feel free to tell me I'm crazy if I'm mistaken. :) Anyway, I don't think that's the source of my problem. I'm just sharing what I've stumbled across as I try to fix this thing.

    Back to my original request: Does some kind person out there have good clear pics of an El Toro's wiring? I found one pic on BABP from years ago (which, coincidentally, mentioned a mistake in the schematic which appears to have been corrected).

    HALP! Thank you!
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  2. The bass cut pot appears to be wired just as the schematic indicates. It does not have the shunt from the wiper to the end of the resistive track, but that really doesn't make any difference. It's mostly done to prevent noise.

    The wiring of the pickup selector switch and active/passive switches is not ideal, but I guess that's the way that G&L does it. Using two poles to do the work of one, for the pickup selector switch, increases the amount of switch pop that you hear when selecting pickups. As for the active/passive switching, it is typically done with two poles, but they left the signal path connected to the preamp in passive mode, to avoid using a second pole. This isn't good, because it drops the input impedance, leading to a darker tone, when you are in passive mode. Another thing that I don't like about the diagram is that some resistors and capacitors are soldered in between two different pots/switches. This isn't a good practice, as it places mechanical strain on the components, if a pot/switch comes loose and starts to twist around.

    In any case, your issue with the treble control is usually caused by having a capacitor that has either leaked, or has been inadvertently shunted by either poor soldering, or something touching up against it, like shielding or a loose wire.
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    Dec 5, 2002
    Thanks for the well-thought out reply. The cap appears to be soldered well and I checked to make sure the legs weren't touching anything. It could be leaking, so I'll check that.

    Good point about the input impedance in passive mode- I hadn't considered that. It is darker than active mode by quite a bit.

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    Dec 5, 2002
    It was a shorted cap. Good as new! Thanks for your reply, line6man!