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Fixing a tone control-capacitor ? Ibanez AGB140

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by rodl2005, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Is that what it is? I'm an ALMOST dead head when it comes to this, BUT I CAN SOLDER OK & i've dropped pup's in bass's etc.. :)

    But I just bought a Ibanez AGB140 Artcore & -from things I've seen- the tone control on these leaves a lot to be desired.:eyebrow:

    Anyone know how I can beef the tone control up a bit:help:

    - so it makes a bit more difference- :bassist:

    adding a higher/lower numbered capacitor... resistor---what are they :rolleyes::help: I know they mostly have a 22 uF or similar on 'em -some arre orange & some green. :rollno:

    Surely this can't be too hard for me to do.

    Anyone got some ideas.;):help:
  2. use a mylar or ceramic capacitor...or most any non-polar cap will do...sprague orange drops are great caps, but my personal opinion is that they're overkill...

    most bass caps are 0.047uF, although some are 0.1uF...a 0.1uF will give you more top-end roll off, resulting in a deeper (aka muddier) tone.

    0.022uF caps are usually found on electric guitars, not basses, although some older fender jazz basses did have the 0.022uF caps

    btw...22 nF = 0.022uF...many people get these confused...don't...
  3. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    I have the Artcore also and the tone control is my only complaint with it. Very strange design--it's almost as if it wasn't wired up correctly but every one I've heard about has the same problem. I mean to do something about it some day. When I get around to it, the first thing I'll do is draw a schematic of how it's wired up and find out what the values of the capacitor and tone pot are. Then I'll know what to change.

    Or, if you get to it first and do all the hard work for me, I'll treat you to a cup on Tim Horton's coffee and a donut. :)
  4. So PILBARA BASS, are U suggesting I get a mylar or ceramic capacitor in a 0.047uF to 0.1uF range??? Will any in that range suit.....with the closer to 0.1uF giving more treble roll off??? Or should I just get a 0.047uF cap. & replace the one that's in there? I,BTW, haven't even taken the orig. one out yet & had a look.:rolleyes:
    But I will do this this weekend..hopefully- got 3 gigs this weekend so time may NOT allow it ... BUT when I do I will post the results & hopefull post a diagram SO you "62 BASS" & others can see the workings.:ninja:
    Thanks guys SO far! Keep the ideas coming. I might change the pots-depending on how they look- to some CTS pots I've sitting around too. BIT OF A PROJECT this....but a nice hollow body bass to do it on. The bass & neck feel great. & the sound is GREAT too, just virtually NO discernable difference when using the tone control:spit:

  5. what do you have in there? that's the first question...but yeah, 0.047uF is a better start than a 0.1, IMO...

    I'm a bit curious as to how these things are wired...anyone have a schematic? it would help the advise givers very much...
  6. +1 to that.. Will search for one! Then report back! Thanx again.
  7. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    Strange "tone" control. Nothing audible happens until you turn it down to a fraction of a turn before totally counterclockwise. At that point there's a slight change in sound, like a bit more midrange, then just below that the slight midrange boost disappears and there is an abrupt rolloff of some highs, but not as much as say any other normal passive bass.

    Anyhow, as a treble cut it's useless. Too bad because otherwise it's a very good bass. I have flats on mine but with roundwounds it gets a Stingrayish type sound. Because of the type and placement of the single pickup it doesn't have quite the bottom of a P bass or the neck pickup soloed on a J bass, but it's a very good sound for being heard without having to crank up the volume and with the flats makes a nice bass for jazz (not the fusion stuff).
  8. Just an update......... I haven't done anything about this yet!!! lol ;-) Still- I like the bass & use it reg. at our gigs.
    62bass- if U DO get the schematics diagram-please drop me an email/PM with what U got! I'll do the same if I get to it 1st.

    I watched the Christina Aguilar-a (joke) "live in Sydney" concert the other day & noticed her bass player using a Single pup Artcore(same as we're discussing here) Ibanez bass on a song. Was on about the 2nd or 3rd song from beginning of concert. where they say "we're gonna go back-" in reference to doing some old school stuff I think. There was just a quick shot of the bassist, but I'm 99% sure of the bass he was using. Dunno of any mods of course??? Just thought U guys'd like to know!

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