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Flash help...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by merlin, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Hello all. I recently installed the Flash MX trial version on my computer.. and i have NO idea how to use it.

    I wish to create a Flash Website for the band, You know menus that come out the side, maybe a series of text that appears and disappears at the bottom etc.

    Can anyone help me? give me a run down on how to start? I searched the net and found a few forums but they all had ZERO replies for the newbies... typical... :rolleyes:


  2. why dont you just use Cascading Style Sheets? (CSS)... get adobe golive 6.0 and it writes all the codes for you... plus it probably downloads hella faster than a flash animation!
  3. NOOO!!!! NO NO NO!!! NO NO! Learn Flash! trust me! once you master Action Script (ActionScript the definitive guide, is an excellent book btw) you can do anythign! Ide try and teach you but my advice to you is go and get some books on it, there all pretty much the same in the basics but it will just take some time to tailor it into the new wonderful flash MX version. you cant beat the new codec they put into it for video expecally for a new internet standard! And flash animations that are created correctly download EXTREMELY fast.. thats why its streaming! :D Good luck and if you have any *specific* questions let me know.

    PS.. not gona waste my time grammer/spell checking any of this :p
  4. Ok... I look at the Flash screen... and have no idea where to begin. OK lets start of simple then... good place to start hehehee.....

    How's about a menu that when the page loads it comes out from the side? And the buttons depress when clicked on?

    Or on the bottom of John Pomplins site they have a little flash box with quotes from reviews flashing up. I like that idea and wouldnt mind doing something similar, perhaps as an intro.... perhaps where a visitor can type their own thing in for the next visitor to read...

    John Pomplins Site, down the bottom


  5. None of those are beginner topics and would take me days to explain them all in detail. I HIGHLY reccomend getting some books on flash. They will take you step by step through how to do what you were asking, but your getting into "ActionScripting" already with the message board type flash program which is an adventure all by it self. THe menu's sliding in from the side is easy to do, but it is not a beginners topic when it comes down to still learning what all the tools do :(
  6. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
  7. I searched Google. It came up with many topics, but its hard when i dont even know how to make a simple square move side to side!


  8. Run through the tutorial, the "moving the box" is known as motion tween and is explained in detail in the actual program. Look throught the menus on the top of the flash program, its under help or lessons i believe, just search around its really great.
  9. take a class, they'll teach you everything you need to know. I do have one tip that's sort of nifty... you cas lowwer the transparency on gradients and poof you have a trasparent burst. There's also a neat little feature in the menu called lessons, it will take you about four hours to get through it. But you'll come out educated.
  10. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    hiya, im no pro but can do some stuff on that program, including the stuff your after. If you add me to msn messenger at deathbycornishpastie@htmail.com ill guide you step by step when were both online :D
  11. Murf


    Mar 28, 2001
    Flash pro here..(wow I'm actually considered a pro at one thing at least:D )

    Anyway as someone stated earlier, get a book but whatever you do STAY AWAY from any books with "magic" in the title ie Flash 4/5/MX Magic, they're not well written and there are monstrous coding errors in them (also the "Coriolis" range of flash books are pretty poor as well).

    Good beginners books would be the 'Flash Bible' range, they're huge and are packed with info from beginers to advanced, another good range are the 'friends of ed ' series (www.friendsofed.com), these books are layed out in different series Foundation, studio and new masters, the foundation books are for complete newbies and they'll get you up to speed quickly, the studio series are for the more advanced user and the New Masters series are for the pros.

    Another good resource are the following developer sites, most of these also have public domain code/movies which you can use freely and incorporate into your own flash projects.

    www.macromedia.com (theyre are good developer links and tutorials in the flash section)

    good luck.

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