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  1. Does anyone slap on Flatwounds?

    I know that rounds seem the way to go, but i was just curious who does it and if you have some clips of it.

    FYI, ive never used flats on any of my basses.. but i wanna grab a Skyline JO5 and throw flats on there coz i kinda need that sound at the moment.

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    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Slapping on flatwounds kinda works. It sounds different than fingerstyle, but sounds a lot different than roundwounds. Its basically what you'd think it sounds like.
  3. I'll bet this will change your mind...Treena playing a Sadowsky V5 with TI flats as mentioned below: It is a killer tone!! Here is her post....

    Every time I slide or move from fret to fret I get this nasty squeaking noise. If that weren't bad enough I keep getting a lot of that wonderful "clicking" noise when I'm playing.

    StingrayKid21, you might considering using Flat wound strings. A lot of Pro players use Flats when recording, it's not a must but it will help until your technique improves.

    Check out this song Dream Within A Dream I used TI's on my Sadowsky Vintage 5, if you like the tone, I can suggest a few things to help you get it.

    Personal opinions are totally subjective.

    Click here for the song link and then choose "Dream Within a Dream" from the list....ENJOY!


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  4. Are those flats?! :eyebrow:

    She says in the quote that theyre TI's, but dont TI's make grounds?

    It sounded a bit bright to be flats?

    Well whatever they were.. it did sound really awesome i gotta admit!
  5. Yeah she said they were TI Flats....I thought the same thing when I heard it....