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flats, gauge, and size

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by mello_bedwetter, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I like using flats on my bass, right now I have GHS Precision flats medium .045-.105. If I switch to a lighter gauge such as .045-.100 or EB's 2808 (.040-.095), what differences could I expect as far as sound? Would switching to a lighter gauge have any effect on the "action" of my bass? Sorry for the questions but I've only used mediums in the past(.045-.105).
    I use a Geddy and the Ampeg BA-115(100 watts)combo. Thanks.
    Also, by changing to a lighter gauge, will I have to have the bass "set up" again?
  2. My experience with bass and guitar strings in general is that thicker strings have a stronger low end. Without getting into all the complicated string physics, it's enough to say that if you like a deeper tone, go with thicker strings. If you prefer less in the low end, go with thinner strings.

    With tone aside, note that the same (brand, type) string in a thinner size will have less tension than the thicker one.

    I would do this to decide. First, listen to the tone and determine what you like or dislike about it. Too boomy? Not enough low end? Too bright? Not bright enough? Scooped mids? Second, do you like how the strings feel? Too stiff? Too loose?

    Answers to these questions will be a good guideline.
  3. I like the low end for sure. I've only used the medium gauge, I just wondered how big of a difference it would make if I tried a medium-light gauge or so. I wouldn't mind getting a little more bend out of the strings.
  4. You made a key point by saying that you wouldn't mind more bend. Then check out a thinner set of strings. You can always dial in a little more bass at the amp if you feel that you've lost some at the bass.
  5. So if I go to a lighter gauge will I have to do a "set up"? If so, what will that require? Adjusting truss rod, saddles, etc.?
    Would the .040-.095 be a pretty good change as far as "bending"?
  6. I never used lighter gauges. But you may need the truss rod of your bass adjusted because of the bend of the neck. (It'll probably bow back because there won't be the same amount of tension in a lighter gauge as there is in the normal gauge.)
  7. OK. I just wondered because I just had it adjusted last weekend. It's a pain. I have the Geddy Jazz and the pickguard has to be removed plus the neck has to be loosened.

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