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Flats on a T-40

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by steve2, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. steve2


    Sep 23, 2001
    Piney Flats, TN
    Right now I have 2 basses an Jazz Bass with Flats and a Peavey T-40 with Chromes in stainless. I was thinking of doing just the opposite but what would the Peavey T-40 sound with flats. I am trying to get a P-Bass sound would the J bass come closer. I believe I should just by a P-Bass or trade the T-40 for one. Anyway just wondering about the sound.

  2. jagbo


    May 20, 2002
    i tried flats on my T-40. i liked the feel, and the thumpiness. but i think that the T-40 has an inherent muddiness that the flats accentuated. after a while i wanted something that would cut a bit more. i switched to DR hi-beams roundwounds, and the bass sounds brighter and punchier, but still has that fat T-40 sound.

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