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  1. i've dug around in here for a while and havent found anything that i'm looking for, basically, i've got an epi explorer, its got the same pu's as a thunderbird with a slightly warmer sounding pu placement. i've got some dadario half-flats on there, and they're still just a bit too bright, and i've had them on for about 7 months now, i'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a good flat for my explorer. i love the bottom end rumble/chest hit this bass has got an just need more of that and less sparkle on the top end
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    James Hart

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    D'addario just came out with a reissue of the Half Rounds in Nickel... much warmer. Without going true flat, try the SIT PowerFlats... same idea as the D'Addario but darker and thumpier.