Flatsawn vs quartersawn roasted neck from USACG. Want a strong neck, but prefer flat sawn.

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  1. jaminjamesp


    Feb 21, 2016
    I just placed my order for a neck and P body from USACG; roasted quartersawn maple neck with an ebony freatboard, and a roasted swampash body.

    I went with quartersawn because I want a STRONG neck. My roadworn Jazz bass has a week neck (trus rod almost maxed out with TI Jazz rounds). I would like to be able to put any string my heart desires on this P bass. So I went with quartersawn because I know it’s a bit stronger and less prone to bending with the string tension.

    But I don’t really love the way quartersawn looks. I’d prefer a flat sawn. Considering USACG uses graphite rods and the roasted maple is a bit stiffer, I’m wondering if I’d be fine to call them on Monday morning and switch it over to a flatsawn roasted neck.

    Any thoughts from the crowd?
  2. Eric ER

    Eric ER

    Mar 22, 2015
    Seattle, wa
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    I have both a quartersawn and flat sawn jazz bass neck from them (neither are roasted). Either way, you have a stable yet light weight neck. They are of higher quality build than the fender neck you mentioned. I splurged more on the quarterawn (qs plus ebony and real clay) because it was for my number 1 bass. In practicality, the quality difference is negligible between my two USACG necks so far, though I know that the qs is a nicer, stronger cut. I just don’t think it will have much of an effect in reality since the flatsawn is so nice and stable with the graphite rods and rosewood fretboard.

    Just a heads up, they are running slow on bass neck production at the moment. It took me 13 weeks to receive my flatsawn neck this year. Last year, I got my qs neck in 8 weeks. In my experience, the quality is worth the wait over warmoth or other brands.