flatwounds for short scale

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  1. I occasionally play a Danelectro Long Horn bass at our friday night prayer meetings. The strings on it are likely well over 10 years old, and are rusty in several places. I have the chance to purchase a set of GHS stainless steel precision flatwounds 45-95 from craigslist for $10. Does anyone have experience with these strings? How do they sound on a short scale? It currently has roundwounds on it, and they sound pretty good, but I know it's time for new ones. Open to any other suggestions for strings...
  2. Marton


    Sep 20, 2005
    Are they made for a short scale ? If they're aren't, just buy a proper set.
  3. yes, they're short scale strings new in the box.
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    Be careful most flat wound SS bass strings will not go thru the E tuner's hole. I had to use a drill to open the post up to allow the E string from my SS Chromes to work...just saying.
  5. GHS P flats are a very classic sounding flat. I run them on my Jag and enjoy them. You can get them at BSO for about $25 shipped to you.
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    Nov 25, 2001
    He should be okay with a .095" E
  7. I used short scale GHS Precision flats on my Longhorn when I owned it. Wonderful! Have fun. Yes, it may have to have the hole slightly enlarged (I didn't on mine).