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flea bass sounds

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by russ_4ft, Dec 2, 2000.

  1. Hello everybody.
    I was in the middle of learning the bass solo from 'stone cold bush' by rhcp and i realised that i haven't got a clue how flea makes the real high notes (if you don't know, the sounds is originaly 15th fret on the g string but it gets higher). I tried doing a vibrato but it doesn't sound right. Can anyone help me?????

  2. I actually figured that solo a long time ago and I remember it. When he pops the 15th fret on the G-string (Bb), I believe he bends it a little. Then he pops the 12 fret (G) right? The key is to bend it just a little so as not to raise the pitch too much. It's subtle, yet noticeable, as you seem to have picked up on it too. Hope this helps!
  3. bl**dy flea and his fingers!

    wicked solo that aint it... in fact stone cold bush is brilliant song...nope, i got it: mothers milk is a great album!

    the 1st long I learnt (very badly) from transcription was higher ground. fantastic.

  4. Mother's Milk is what got me hooked on the Chili Peppers. I got it a couple years ago and listened to it constantly and tried playing all the songs on it. Then I got Californication when it came out, and then Blood Sugar Sex Magic a while after that. I got almost all their CDs now.

    In that Stone Cold Bush solo, I think it's pretty much like alexssandro was saying, just bend and/or vibrato. Maybe hit the note a half step lower, bend up to it, then shake it around a bit. I think the real high notes you're talking about may possibly be harmonics. Like if you're popping the strings up around the 12th fret or above, and you let your right palm just barely touch the string when you pop it you get a little harmonic out of it. Just experiment with that I guess, and see if you can get it to sound like you want.

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