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Flexocor strings

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Francois Blais, Aug 26, 2000.

  1. Hi.
    I'd like to read comments about the Flexocor ('92) strings.
    IMHO, they're the best all-around bass strings. (except the E which is very weak)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. By '92 I assume you mean with violet tail piece windings? I kind of agree. As for the E, a lot of basses at my luthier's shop will have a Helicore or even a Spirocore instead. However, one of my basses sounded better with all Helicores. And I'm still loving the Obligatos on my primary orchestra bass. I guess I'm not helping you at all. If I wanted a stiffer string than the O's, I'd go to Original Flexo's
  3. No, I mean the ruby tailpiece winding.
    The purples are the Original Flexocors.
    The rubys (or Flexocor '92) were introduced in 1992, and are using a different design.
    IMO they're better for jazz and Original Flexocors, which is why I said they are the best all-around strings.
    The Original Flex are higher tension and have a darker tone.
  4. As I went off to the gig I wondered if by 'all around' you meant arco and pizz. In that case, I have to retract my statement. I have separate basses strung according to use, so my opinion isn't worth a hoot.
  5. Hi Don.
    You said:
    "As I went off to the gig I wondered if by 'all around' you meant arco and pizz. "

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant.
    For me, they're the strings that give the best compromise in terms of warmth, clarity of speaking and sustain.
    They bow well, and their pizz tone is good too, if the growl is not very important for you.

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