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flight case for rent?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by bassgeek, May 15, 2001.

  1. bassgeek

    bassgeek Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Asheville, NC
    Fellow bottom-dwellers, does anyone know of a manufacturer, retailer, or individual that rents flight cases for DB's? I'm aware of the Gage case and their rental policies, so I'm looking for different options. I'm going to Japan with a trio in mid-July and with several connecting flights, the logistics of getting a double bass over there are making me consider the alternative: bring an electric (gasp). Since, the U.S. guvnment is paying for it, I might be able to abuse that privelige. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    BTW, it's a typical 3/4 Juzek and I'm based on the East Coast of the U.S.
  2. bassgeek

    bassgeek Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Asheville, NC
    Thanks for the good info, Ed. Yeah, depending on whether or not I'd get shafted on the resell, buying one just to use for the tour might be an option. I was not aware of Ideal Music-thanks for the tip. Speaking of wear and tear on the bass case, I've got a buddy coming up to get his case worked on by Kolstein. As if just getting bass repairs was a pain in the ass!!
  3. Alexandre


    Apr 14, 2000
    Hi, dear friends of TB!
    When I have a seriouos problem or question I alwais came here!
    Well, now I have a real big question for you...I will play with Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira in New York on september 7th (brazilian independence day) in the central park and our bass section is wondering if will be better:
    a) travel with our basses.
    b) rent eigth basses in USA
    c) rent eigth travel trunks,bring them to Brazil,put the basses in and send them to NY.
    Any advice?
    As the leader of our section sais that he need his bass in the concerts (for a very obvious reason),and one of the other bassists wants not to take his valuable instrument to avoid acidents, I really don´t know the rigth alternative.
    I suppose that c) will satisfy everybody, since some fiber tarvel trunks by Gage an Kolstein are well regarded by travel bassists, but I don´t know if they have all this trunks disposable, nor if they can send them to us in able time, nor how much it will cost or if the orquestra will be able to pay for it.
    We have trunks that could'nt be used to travel by plane without put the basses in danger 'cause in the tours we do in Brazil the instruments go by truk, and I don't think the orquestra administration will ever consider the possibility of spend so much money to by the cases.
    Thanks in advance for any tip or suggestion.

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