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    Jul 25, 2001
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    Whats up guys

    Well i the time has come to start looking for a fligh case for my bass. The path id like to take is get a general flight case and get different foam cutouts for my different basses. Does anyone know if this is possible? also, does anyone know of a good source for the actual case. I looked on anvil and a couple others and they all look like they were around $400. I did see one of those coffin fligh cases on musicians fiend for around $150. Is that any good, let me know.
  2. Thor

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    A buddy of mine used a keyboard case with foam cutouts,
    worked for him ...
  3. Eric Moesle

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    Sep 21, 2001
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    I've modded/replaced the foam in my flight case to accept different basses that I've had from time to time. When I bought it used, it was cut out to fit a Ric 4003. I first cut theexisting foam to accept my Modulus Q6. Later, when I sold that bass, I replaced the foam and cut it to accept a Jazz, then another replacement later to fit a Stingray 5.

    If you can locate the foam, it is best cut with a hot-wire knife that can be found on Ebay for about $29 - that's how the case manufacturers do it. The first time I did it, I used a sharp kitchen knife, and it came out jagged and looked amateurish. I later used an electric turkey carving knife with very good results. Then, I got some soft lining material at a local sewing store like Joanne Fabrics, used aeresol spray-can glue to coat the foam, then layed the material on the foam at let it dry - looks like a pro job.

    I only mod or replace the middle layer of foam - the one that goes around the contours of the bass. The bottom and lid foam are solid sheets, and should stay that way for top and bottom protection.