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    Dec 12, 1999
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    There have been inquiries & comments about Flite, I thought I'd add mine having just received my order.
    My concept was for a small head/speaker combo for small/mid-size rooms- Primarily for a jazz trio/quartet, but repertoire includes some R&B based
    fusion, etc. with a fair amount of slapping.
    I decided on a Mesa WalkAbout head; I've raved about that, and I'm real happy with the sound and size. My first cabinet choice was an EA VL108 or 110,now history.
    I spoke w/Kurt @ Flite following BP's info; and chose to try a 112MB- w/ a 5" driver replacing the horn-
    To cut to the chase- Personally, I am totally pleased with the cabinet- The sound is excellent, with sharpness and clarity throughout. It has a very smooth tone for jazz, nice and round, and also projects some very acute & defined Khz's.
    I like the voicing (the drivers are Eminence) & there's ample headroom.
    Kurt may have been a bit slow in responding to my follow-ups,but in no way did I have a problem with
    the order- He also guarantees the product with a money-back promise. I definetly won't use that.
    Every player has to evaluate the sound of gear on their own terms- Personally I would have no qualms about recommending these cabinets to others. They seem like they coud be a great unit for upright players as well- They sound great through my "Fender" basses.
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