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Floods (well, little floods)

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by MikeyFingers, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. I live on Long Island (New York) and the weather channel and all the news stations are saying that we're gonna get some serious rain today. I live in a waterfront area of town, I mean the ocean is like 30 feet from me right now, so if we get the kind of rain they're talking about, I'll probably be swimming to my car later today. It's already pouring rain and it's probably not stopping anytime soon.

    It happens all the time really, combine some hard rain with high tide and we get as much as a foot of water on the sidewalks, nothing big. But, Hurricane Wilma is heading up the east coast straight towards 2 low-pressure systems. This is exactly how the "Perfect Storm" was formed (yes, the movie was based on a real storm) and that absolutely pounded Long Island. So if it happens again, I can look forward to a llooooonngg day.

    I already took the day off work, at this point I'm just anticipating the worst, and I've been looking out my window every 45 minutes to see where the water's at. It's already pouring into my basement, I can hear it down the stairs and smell it (from the wet wood, it STINKS). And the water is already starting to come over the bulkheads in my yard, forming huuuuge puddles and killing the grass.

    I might just put on my rain coat and some boots, do a little fishing. And if it gets deeper then 3 feet I'm taking my canoe for a ride around my neighborhood. I just really hope that's the worst that happens.

    Anyone else live in the northeast/New England area? How is it by you?
  2. I live about 50 miles inland, Worcester County. We are being absolutely pummelled right now, and this is supposedly the tame part, I can only imagine what you're getting.

    Best of luck to you...be safe.

  3. Interesting developments here on the Island. The rain practically stopped, it's down to a light drizzle now. And when I made my last post, I could swear the tide was going down. But now it's getting extremely high, almost coming over the bulkhead into my yard. My basement already has a little flooding going on, but that happens all the time. Honestly, I'm a little dissappointed. I had worse then this 2 weeks ago with just another rainstorm, then when they hype up this monster storm I get nothing but drizzles and a wet cellar. I expected more from mother nature.

    edit--I take that back. In the span of 30 minutes, the tide has come up a good 2 inches. Not much, but that's REALLY fast. On top of that, I just got a call from my town's "emergency services" or something like that. Just an automated recording, warning all residents to move their cars to higher ground and take precautions. They said that high tide is around 3:30 today, it's already level with the grass in my backyard. Which means that it's gonna keep rising from there for the next 3 and a half hours. I'm going out now to get some pizza before I'm trapped in here all day......or I could just wait and take my canoe to the pizza place.....nah I'm going now. wish me luck:)