Fly or drive with my bass

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    Apr 30, 2002
    Im going to Louisville KY in two weeks for a one week stay for the Aebersold Jazz camp.

    Already have a plane ticket but now am torn between flying and driving.

    If I fly Im going to have to buy a more sturdy hard case for my bass (roughly $300), than there is the fact that I made the mistake of purchasing a ticket flying out of ABE resulting in a transfer in PHL than onto Louisville. I think the whole travel time is close to 5-6 hours.

    I absolutely despise driving these days, but the more i think about it, the more ten hours doesn't seem that bad as long as I stop every two hours to stretch. I'd be ok eating the plane ticket on was fairly cheap at under $250.00.

    Driving is roughly ten hours it looks like. Flying, including travel, check in time etc...will be roughly 6 hours. Really the only advantage to driving is I don't have to worry about my bass and can pack somewhat "heavier" than I normally would. Ten hours is a long travel day though.
  2. I'm an old road dog, that toured and lived on the road for many years. For me even though I enjoy flying, I'd probably drive because for the reasons you stated. I have flown quite often with a bass, and have a few tricks I've learned to keep them from being damaged as much as possible, but there is always the real possibility of a baggage handler that can't quite help themselves and find a new way to destroy my beloved instrument.

    This time of year isn't bad for flying regarding weather delays, but the winter is terrible. Flying north to south, about one out of three flights were delayed or cancelled. I drove to San Antonio from Iowa this year in March, because I had hard dates I had to be somewhere, and I can't count on airlines to deliver during that time of year. I was right as well, I was able to drive through a little weather that cancelled or delayed the flights into the area by hours/days.

    Like you said, the trick driving is to break it up, and plan to miss metro areas during rush hour traffic. Ten hours isn't bad if you drive that way.