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Flying with your bass?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by XavierG, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. I stumbled across THIS bit of info (re: carry-on baggage as it applies to musical instruments) from Vancouver bassist Allan Johnston, posted at Vancouver Jazz.com - The linked letter from the Feds may be of interest to some of you.
  2. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Oh shoot, X....I saw the thread title and thought you were playing bass and dropping acid again. :rolleyes:
  3. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay

    Seriously some helpful info. Im printing that out and keeping a copy in my bass case.

    Now I dont have to worry about my poor child getting all dinged up (or stolen) while she's away form me.

  4. Jeez!... 're you gonna come here and clean this coffee off of my monitor?
  5. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    FWIW, Richard, I think that piece you posted plus X's info is very valuable.

    I've been flying first-class and have been able to charge it off to the band. But, I have contract dates coming up this summer in CO and AZ and will have to see what happens then.

    The info I have from the guys who had to bring their "loved ones" to Wooten's Bass Camp has been valuable to me - http://www.victorwooten.com/basscamp/2001/flying.htm

    Personally, I think you have to take every precaution PLUS make sure your irreplaceable "honey" is fully insured........and even that doesn't really do it. I lost my all-time favorite pre-CBS in a plane crash in Iowa last 4th of July. I got beaucoup bucks for the loss but they still didn't mean squat because it was one of those pre-CBS's where all of Leo's people just "got everything just right." They gave me morphine in the Emergency room but all I could think about was that old Precis. :(
  6. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Banned

    Dec 11, 1999
    Both Norm Stockton and Brian Bromberg have been travelling for years in a SKB keyboard case with their bass in a gig pack safely packed inside.

    Xavier thanks for the heads up. I wish I had a copy of that letter before the NAMM show than I could have played my bass at the Bass Bash.

    The Delta agent mentioned "some letter" about musical instruments but since he couldn't find it -he wouldn't let me bring my bass onboard.

  7. Interesting. That's similar to the approach they've been recommending for electric guitars, which is to buy their SKB66 guitar case and then stick that inside the keyboard case. Apparently the fit works, and the resulting strength is enough to stand up to airline handling.

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