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FNA jazzman

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rockbassist1087, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. rockbassist1087

    rockbassist1087 Guest

    Nov 29, 2002
    Long Island, NY
    My friend is in the process of buying a Warwick FNA jazzman as his next bass. I'm not very fimilar with this Warwick model and I'm curious to know how this bass will sound in a band setting. I'd like to know how this bass preforms overall. Characteristics of its sound, how the fretboard and neck play and how well it can cut through the mix in a band setting, live and studio. Also, is it worth the $1600 he's spending on it?
  2. rockbassist1087

    rockbassist1087 Guest

    Nov 29, 2002
    Long Island, NY
  3. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i own a Streamer jazzman which is the same bass, same woods, just different body design.

    to me the Warwick jazzmen are great basses that cut thru a band sound with great punch and midraney bite. the pickups allow a lot of tonal variations. i bought mine used for 800$ and love the thing. you can find a comparative review of a Warwick Jazzman versus a MusicMan stingray here:


    and this is the review i posted at harmony central:

    Price Paid: 800 (€) used
    Purchased from: N/A
    Lucky Music, Italy

    Features: 9
    The bass is a Warwick Streamer Jazzman, in four strings fretted version. It was made in Germany and the serial number identifies this one as made in 2000. 24 brass bell frets, bolt on neck which is a three pieces ovankol with wenge fretboard. Body is a higly contoured one made with 2 pieces swamp ash and 2 pieces 1 inch flame maple top; there is a cosemtic dark walnut veneer between the 2 woods used. Mine is in a beautiful natural oil finish that let you touch, smell and feel the woods. Pickups are both passive, MEC J style single coil at neck and MusicMan style big polepieces humbucker at bridge. The bass is also equipped with a 3 band active Eq. made by Warwick under the brand name of MEC; the control pots are: one concentric for volume and balance with an additional slap contour pulling the top of the pot , there is a single knob for highs, mids and lows and a 3 position microswitch to control the humbucker which can be run as single coil, in serie and parallel. As you know for sure there are the usual Warwick trademarks such as the headstock design, hardware and the 2 pieces bridge. the bass is equipped with adjustable graphite just a nut II nut system, the back of neck is unfinished. you can check the bass out at this official Warwick page, www.warwickbass.com/basses/streamer_jazzman.html

    Sound: 9
    This bass is a tonal chamaleon. The really good quality of woods used and the pickup configuration create a mix ud sounds that are useful in a lot of music style situations. I use other basses too and i can compare this one to a G&L L2000 i own. The Warwick is more dark and warm sounding, with a big accent on lod-mids. When the G&L is a very versatile Fender Style bass that can nail the P and J sounds and beef them up, the Warwick has more character and personality. Even if i like both of them i prefer the Warwick because i feel that the bass is more balanced in sound and with a more distinctive sound. The bass is great for studio and live and in both situations can go from low dub sounds, to supergrowly hi mids settings and can really match a more "vintage sound" too thanks to the more mellow sounding J style neck pickup. The electronics are really useful and versatile, there is no noise and hiss. When the slap contour is engaged there is a big amount of bottom end. As said quite every sound can be achieved with ths bass, keep in mind that the Warwick has a really warm sounds that compared to the MusicMan Stingray is darker. It fits every musicl style and it's great both for fingerstyle and pick. It works great for slapping. I like everything that comes out from this bass.

    Action, Fit, & Finish: 9
    The Warwick just a nut II and the full adjustable 2 pieces Warwick bridge are great for settng this bass in your playing style. Woods used are great and the bass is made to highest standard in mass produced instruments. I have to admit that Warwick is by far superior to the standard of Fender, MusicMan and G&L too in the woods craftmanship. This bass is completely flawless and it's easy that it's a great design concept relized in a wonderful way. When i bought the bass i made a copletely new setup according my playing style and disassembled every part od the instrument. The neck pocket is so good fitting the neck that even when i removed the 4 screws neck and body were hard to be separated. I am impressed on the building quality of this bass.

    Reliability/Durability: 9
    I bought the bass used, it is 2 years old. No sign of wear and the brass bell fret seem to be really durable. I use to gig with 2 basses even if the Warwick is enough solid for everything, but being active with no passive switch, you know a dead battery can be a problem! so i take with me another bass as backup. Everything on this bass is high quality and supersolid. from the neck to the electronics and the hardware.

    Customer Support: N/A
    Never dealt with the company, they are known for high standard in customer support, i hope not to need anything from them in this compartment...

    Overall Rating: 9
    I play bass as my main instrument for 11 year, i have owned a lot of basses and currently i have a Rcikenbacker 4001, a Fender Precision American Serie, a G&L L2000 and a Eko jazz style bass. Amp is a old eko head with ampeg 4x10 cabinet. Warwick made a winner and united some of their well known proprietary features to a body made from more "usual" woods and using a stunning pickup configuration. The bass is to me better feeling and sounding than the more known Musicman Stingray and here in Europe is much more cheaper too. If you are interested in a great comparative review between this bass and the Stingray take a look here: www.guitarist.co.uk/gear/gear_page.asp?ID=1349&PageNo=1
    To me this bass is the best i have ever tried in the market of mass produced intrument. i like everything on it and i fell relly confortable playing one. Strenge for me that i grew up with Fender style basse and with the Rickenbakcer. I never thought Warwick could be a brand of my interest since the day i started playing them from friends, they grew on me and i was lucky enough to find this one, which is the model i prefer, used at a great price.

    warwick marketing strategies label them as "The sound of wood". i don't know if this has the sound of wood, for sure it have the feel of wood!

    Submitted by Barroso at 10/29/2002 16:49
  4. rockbassist1087

    rockbassist1087 Guest

    Nov 29, 2002
    Long Island, NY
    Thanks alot.