Focus Amp.... Is it real!

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  1. Hey TB'er

    I have been looking for a small amp for practise, rehearsal and small room jazz gigs and singer/songwriter - Rock/Pop gigs.

    I have been looking a Iamp from EA, The Focus amp from Acoustic image and the Epifani new amp. I live in Denmark and you can only get those amps outside DK. So I have never tried them. I will run the amp with Epifani - 2x10UL and 1x12UL cabs.
    The Focus amp should be a great gig amp. It's small (fits in the gig bag) and it has lots of power. It sounds to good to be true. Is there backside of the amp?
    I like to run my EBS amp flat and when I play my Fodera I can that I need from the bass. When I play my Fender I use the amp to get my tone.
    I have to buy the Focus amp to try it. So it will be expensive if I don't like it.
    What I mean is - will the Focus be a great amp It just sounds to good to be true :meh:


  2. ogar

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    I've only tried its small brother Clarus, but I also use it for passive electric and there is nothing I could complain about. Play blues jazz and rock and the tone is very warm and focused.
    I also run everything flat and as long as your bass sounds good of its own, it will sound good through Focus.
    If you do not need much tone shaping, I thinh you will be satisfied.
    Anyway, good luck.
  3. RHFusillo

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    Mar 20, 2000
    Phoenix, AZ
    I own a Focus and have been using it exclusively for electric bass. I'm quite happy with it. The tone shaping is adequate for my needs. When I use my passive P bass, I use something like a Sadowsky outboard preamp with it, but I do that regardless of which amp I am using.
  4. I've been using a Focus 1R now for the past 2 1/2 months on ~ 20 mid size gigs and numerous rehearsals and it performs bautifully; couldn't be happier
  5. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Simply out: YES!

    You need to try one.
  6. Bruce Lindfield

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    Yeah - this is the thing - it looks like a good bet for Jazz and small-scale stuff - but it is very expensive from what I've seen.

    So, OK - nothing else will give you that much power (theoretically) in such a small package - no doubt!

    BUT - do you really need that much power for small Jazz gigs?

    So - I've been to loads of these gigs and the bassists are getting away with 150 - 300 watts with no problems about being heard.

    So the thing is, you could buy an amp in this area, for much less than a Focus .

    Overwater in the UK are quoting about £1200 for a Focus - a lot of money!! :eek:

    So there are many high quality amps, that are much cheaper - e.g. Eden, EA etc .

    You could possibly get an Iamp used in the UK , for less than half that price - so do you really need a Focus? :meh: