Focusrite Scarlett 18i6

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  1. I have the above audio interface but am becoming a little frustrated at the number of outs - my question can I add a second unit and how would that work, or would I upgrade to a higher specification model? As always the budget is a big consideration so advise would really be appreciated.

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    How many analog 1/4 outs do you need?

    Does this amount of outs, change if the unit itself has one or more heaphone outs that can be mixed in software? Like second and third aux outs?

    Does it have to be usb? If it HAS to be usb, and you like he sound of the focusrite..the 18i20 is your best shot. If you need a good amount of inputs.

    You could try the saffire 6, but it only has 2 inputs, and most of the outs are'd need adapters then I bet.

    There are other options, but obviously cost is THE factor here.

    MOTU Audio Express , but it might be too costly.

    Maudio had an 8in/8out usb device not too long ago. I bet its on ebay. Maudio drivers are rock solid.