SOLD Fodera Bona Imperial 5

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    Fantastic sounding and playing 2005 Fodera Bona Imperial 5 string with upgrades. This bass plays like a dream. Currently set up with low action with new Fodera Nickel strings .040-.100 and a tapered .125 B. It has sustain for days. Very growly and warm sounding. Extremely expressive, like a fretless. Neck is classic Fodera soft C shape. If you know anything about Fodera basses, the ones built before 2009 are special as they were actually hand built 100% by Vinnie and Joey. Truly an exceptional Fodera. This is the real deal. You wont be disappointed.

    34″ scale

    Birdseye Maple Fingerboard

    Maple neck

    Ash Body

    Maple tone block

    Olivewood non solid top

    Updated current Pope preamp

    Upgraded Duncan DC pickups

    Birdseye maple pickup covers with exposed poles

    Matching Birdseye Maple playing ramp (detachable)

    Gold Hardware

    Original tool kit

    Original HSC

    10.1 lbs

    Very small crack in finish by switch.
    IMG_1919.jpg IMG_0988.JPG IMG_0987.JPG IMG_1925.jpg IMG_0990.JPG IMG_0989.JPG IMG_0992.JPG IMG_1925.jpg IMG_0987.JPG View attachment 741332 View attachment 741344

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  2. torres_bass


    Sep 23, 2010
    Orlando, FL
    Amazing bass!!! Assuming it's the same bass, I found this video a while ago and this has been my favorite Fodera ever since!.... if I had the cash i would definitely buy this one! GLWTS

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  3. Yes That's it. Same bass
  4. sold
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  5. Ace Of Bass

    Ace Of Bass A Rooster Illusion

    Jun 27, 2006
    WHAT....!!!??...that is an unreal wonder it's already gone....
  6. rodneyat


    Apr 12, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Didn't this one just sell on Ebay last week for the same price? Hmmm
  7. no it didn't. Buyer never paid

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