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Fodera Compression Wound

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by DeepDeath, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. These stainless steels are 30 bucks but I want them, cause i heard they have a zing and great tension and stay bright long. Can anyone give input on how bright they are from the start and how long this last and how the tension would be if tuned down half a step to Bb with a 50-130 guage. also what is this zing thing i hear? thanks
  2. They're bright out of the box, and they stay that way for six to eight weeks if played an average of an hour a day.

    The tension is pretty high on the 45-130 set, so if you were using the 50-135s and tuned down a half step it'd sound fine.

    I love them and use nothing else on my FBB.
  3. thanks, do u have any sound samples with them on your FBB? i still need a little more reassurance for the capitalistic price hehe jk.
  4. Search for a thread called "FBB Samples" or something like that. I posted it about a month back.

    They're not that expensive, y'know. DRs are just as bad, and LaBellas too. Get 'em from Juststrings.com.
  5. searched for it, couldnt find it

    nevermind it was "fbb soundclips"
  6. it seems fairly bright for flat settings, im guessing-can it be alot brighter with the treble put up?
  7. You bet. I don't boost my treble, usually--the strings, the bass, and my amp (EBS Fafner) usually contribute brightness aplenty.

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