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TRADED Fodera Emperor 5 Standard Special - MUST SEE!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by crossover, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. crossover

    crossover Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2010
    New York
    United States
    Fodera Emperor 5 Standard Special - a “Standard” that is anything but! Unlike some of the other Specials, this one appears to be a one-off build that is far nicer than many Customs I’ve encountered. Chambered body, mastergrade top & the standout quality of abalone used for the inlays are just a few examples.

    I’m the sole owner from new and only purchased just a couple of months ago. Regrettably, I’m only selling to recover from having been on a bit of a buying binge. Selling this one, keeps me from having to sell any two of the others. Condition is immaculate, as-new; she will be missed.

    • Chambered Walnut Body
    • 24-frets: PLEK’d Compound radius fingerboard
    • 3-piece Quarter-sawn hard rock maple neck
    • Ebony Fingerboard
    • Mastergrade “10” Olive Top
    • 19mm bridge spacing
    • Aguilar DCB D2 Pickups
    • Fodera / Pope 3-Band Preamp
    • Controls: volume, pickup blend, tone, stacked bass/treble and midrange control. Mute & active/passive switches
    • Certificate of Authenticity, Tools and all Case Candy
    • Fodera Tear Drop case
    • Weight: 10.4 lbs

    $7000 MAP / Street Price (+SHP and/or sales tax). Offering a substantial discount on what is very much a brand-new, one of a kind Fodera! $6000 Shipped/Insured within the lower 48. Willing to meet for a local deal. Paypal ok.

    I’ve almost never accepted trades, but will consider the following + CASH to me. Please submit offers by PM with photos and details. Your bass must be mint as I anticipate reselling it. Anything offered other than what I’ve listed below, will kindly be ignored.


    -Fodera Standard Classic 5, Ash / Maple

    -MTD 534-24 / 634-24

    -Sadowsky M5-24 (modern) Ash / Maple
    Japanese Metro or NYC Satin

    -Bergantino REF 112

    -Glockenklang Blue Rock

    On to the eye-candy!

    72812F69-CE41-4A91-B0F0-938E4D724863.jpeg C5A1F564-D525-4861-AFC8-52929374DB23.jpeg FCAB3866-08EC-4FE9-92FD-3537257E8882.jpeg 92F1ED53-FE9F-474F-8BD6-E28234CB5644.jpeg AD614B90-6A88-423D-8F4B-F7BD6B2C8623.jpeg 3EAAD9B5-A22B-4E80-85A5-3B1953101848.jpeg B962C434-F6B2-44AF-88D5-260BAB87C32D.jpeg C5BA3B7F-74F5-45B9-B6AE-59A74B43D068.jpeg C4344378-9834-4E27-B89B-2505748738D0.jpeg EE04C3F0-869D-462D-A508-1FCA14BE9BDC.jpeg 924AB849-FE31-4ED7-94B3-73FC988D1A0A.jpeg 89462DAD-92DF-4142-8C4B-FC9DD2C93DD0.jpeg 1B651A90-D3A4-4B33-B4B7-EE60A3917A7D.jpeg D6157DB3-E24A-499D-A9A9-15C39E2BB8D6.jpeg

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  2. kevk

    kevk Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2014
    Napa Valley
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