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Fodera Matt Garrison 6's Fingerboard Radius?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jim T., Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Jared, anyone else...

    Do any of you know for certain, the fingerboard radius of the Fodera Matt Garrison model six string? Also, does anyone know of the smaller fret size used by Fodera?

    I've emailed and called Fodera and a couple of other places but no response so far...I know that this bass comes with 34" and 33" scales so I don't know if the radius is different.

    If I have to, I'll take mine to a local luthier if he/she has a radius gauge. I want to duplicate this radius on a new bass.

    Please answer only if you really know for certain. Radius doesn't seem to be mentioned in Fodera's catalog or on their site.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. michele

    michele Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2004
    I've also emailed Fodera a couple of time to get some info about their Emperor line but I received no answer ... maybe the guys are too busy in building basses (or counting cash). Customer service? Sadowsky rules!
  3. rabass6

    rabass6 Commercial User

    Jun 3, 2004
    Owner, Groovemania.it
    My new Garrison 5 has a really flat fingerboard, almost like a classical guitar, but another I play sometimes has a slightly rounder board, so it could be a custom choice when ordering (mine was pre owned)
    And yes, they feel free to forget the customers answers...damn...
  4. JP Basses

    JP Basses

    Mar 22, 2002
    Paris FRANCE
    Flat fingerboards rule!!

  5. OwO


    Apr 23, 2004
    flat what ??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  6. temp5897

    temp5897 Guest

    Just call them up. They almost never answer email. They have first rate customer service, but are also extremely busy. I don't think they are sitting around counting money...you ever run a business in New York (i.e. you have no idea what their costs are or what they are really making)? :rolleyes:

    To answer the first question I have no idea to be honest. I think calling them would be simple enough. I've always gotten the help I needed when they were in the shop. How did you call and get no response?
  7. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones Banned

    Feb 28, 2001
    Northampton Mass
    When I've asked this question they couldn't give me numbers but kept saying the it changes it has more curve towards the nut and gets flatter as you go up(think Ice cream cone). For me its all too flat. I asked them to put more in my new bass a I'm not sure what exactly they did but I love it! Very familiar to my plays laklands 10" radius fingerboards fingers.

  8. Cliff Bordwell

    Cliff Bordwell Commercial User

    Jan 6, 2004
    USA , Orlando , Florida
    Owner of CB BASSES
    The last time I knew, Fodera used a 16" radius on their fingerboards. The Garrison could be different.
  9. Thanks guys. Hmmm...didn't realize that Fodera used a compound radius board. Maybe mine isn't really flat or almost flat. Sounds like they vary by custom request?)

    I guess I'll go find a radius gauge!

    Fodera has never answered any of my several emails over at least a couple of years time.

    Mika is VERY helpful and cheerful on the phone but the one time she was good enough to call me back with the answers to my question, they were the answers to a different question(s).

    She told me how to address the email and I resent the question with a thank you for calling me back-3 days ago and it hasn't been responded to. So...I give up!

    Thanks for helping guys.

    Jared, I'm an ol' N.Y.C./N.J guy and I know how the east coast attitude and expenses etc., are but it's still not much of an excuse for a wonky business model. They could've had $7,000 minimum from me last Feb. if they'd been more responsive.

    Thanks for helping me out TB ers!
  10. temp5897

    temp5897 Guest

    Hi Jim-
    I was more responding to the other person not you with my mini rant. :p

    As far as speaking with them, just ask to speak to Joey. I never speak to the woman who answers the phone, I just say "May I speak with Joey?" She usually asks who it is and then if he is available you can ask directly. I've never had a problem and I know of many other people who have been thrilled with the service they have received. You just gotta ask to speak to them directly. ;)

    I've personally never had a problem (did I say this already in this thread?), so I am just trying to help, if possible.
  11. Jared,
    Thanks. I will call them again. I know this has been done to death on another thread but why put an email contact address on your website if it doesn't ever get read or answered by anybody? It simply doesn't make any sense.

    Ok. let's let this subject rest. It's been done to the nth degree.