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SOLD Fodera Matt Garrison Standard (MGS25)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by TheShape101, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Up for sale is my Fodera Matt Garrison Standard. I picked this bass up in a trade a few weeks ago. It plays and sounds great but I'm just putting up this feeler to see if there's any interest in it as I'd like to order a custom Fodera but I'd like to sell this one before I do. The bass was completed in mid December 2012. The bass is in excellent condition, the only noticeable mark on the body on the front is some small impressions and they are on the burl so are hardly noticeable. (See pic). Also a couple of small minor marks on the top of the headstock. The bass will ship in a Fodera teardrop case with truss rod adjustment tool and all the info originally sent with it from Fodera.

    I'm not really looking for any trades but might consider a trade for another 4 (Monarch) or 5 string Fodera with 33" or 34" scale.

    Thanks for looking.

    Price is $6950 o.b.o

    Here are the specs:

    Top Wood: Box Elder Burl
    Body Wood: Walnut (Alder Tone Block)
    Fingerboard Wood: Pau Ferro
    Neck Wood: 3-pc. Hard Rock Maple
    Neck Joint: Neck-Through
    Scale Length: 33"
    Strings: 5 (17.5mm spacing, E-C Tuning)
    Frets 26 (Small)
    FB Inlay: Mother-of-Pearl Dots
    Pickups: Fodera / Duncan Dual Coils
    Preamp: Fodera / Pope Custom Shop 3-Band
    Control Layout: Matt G Layout
    Removable Ramp (held on with double sided tape)

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  3. Buy it buy it buy it. Don't rationalize or say it's too much, just buy it! I did and I'll never regret it. I cashed in a lot of basses and other gear to afford it, but why do you need more than one when you can't stand playing any other bass but that one! That's what this bass did to me!

  4. Thanks for that! Yes it's a great bass!
  5. On hold pending payment.

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