Fodera Monarch 4 P Standard Classic

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  1. Hello everyone,
    New as a member of Talkbass but have visited it many times.
    I'm looking for a Fodera Monarch 4 P Standard Classic Alder/Rosewood. My absolute choice would be a Sunburst with tortoise, but any color will do.
    If anyone has one they'd be interested in selling, or knows someone that does, please let me know.
    I grew up on a '65 Pbass that I bought in '67 (for $75!!) but sadly it developed the dreaded S-Curve around '76 and I had to replace the neck. It's long gone.
    I have a couple of great Sadowsky J's (4/Pau Ferro, 5/Maple), an Ibanez Gary Willis Sig Fretless which sings, and a gorgeous Fodera Mahogany Yin Yang P/J, but I do a lot recording and need a pure P to round things out and get that distinctive sound.
    I love the playability, build quality, and reliability of Fodera and Laura Fodera assures me that the Monarch 4 P Standard Classic Alder/Rosewood nails it.
    Thanks for reading!
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