TRADED Fodera Monarch Custom 4 Bolt-On Candy Tangerine

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    I figured I'd post this in the world wide classifieds as well. Open to shipping to Europe. If shipping overseas would prefer outright sale.

    I am posting this Custom Fodera Monarch Bolt-On more as a feeler to see what kind interest it will generate and at this current time, I am primarily considering a trade down that will net me a decent amount of cash. I have another custom bass on order and though I could keep this too, and would be perfectly content to, it would make things simpler to generate some capital out of this bass in order to help pay down the other. I may consider an outright sale at some point, but I’d like to try the trade down route first. I am the original owner and the one who commissioned this instrument, figured that question might come up so I wanted to answer it up front.

    Specs are as follows:
    Bolt-On Construction
    34” Scale
    19mm string spacing
    Alder Body / no top wood
    3pc Maple Neck
    Birdseye Maple Fretboard
    Black Mother of Peal Dot Inlays
    Black Mother of Pearl Butterfly Wings
    14” radius
    1.5” Jazz width nut
    Nordstrand Big Blade (Warm & Wooly Pickups) 60’s position
    Pope Standard 3-band preamp
    Active passive switch
    2-way mid selector switch.
    Candy Tangerine Finish

    Comes with custom Fodera case and all original docs.

    Weight: will get an exact reading tonight, but it’s lighter than many Monarchs due to not having a maple top. Definitely well below 9lbs.


    1. There is a narrow finish crack along the top edge of the fretboard between the nut and first fret. I did my best to photograph it. It is purely cosmetic, affects nothing as far as structural integrity or playability.

    2. The bass originally came with the double mid module. I swapped it out for a single as I felt the single low mid band works better with this bass’s natural voice, but will put the dual mid back in if that is your preference.

    Preferred Payment Methods: Zelle, money order, wire transfer or cash in person. I would actually very much prefer an in person deal as I would like to avoid shipping this if at all possible. I live in the Philly area and would be willing to drive a bit for the right deal. This will also allow you to see what you’re getting before the deal is finalized, which I feel is better for both parties when dealing with an instrument of this level.

    Trade Interests:

    Putting trade value of bass at 6300 (flexible within reason). Looking for any of the following plus cash to me.

    Strong preference for Rosewood or Pau Ferro Fretboards

    Sadowsky Metro J of some kind, maybe NYC
    Sandberg TT5 (Will entertain TM5)
    Fodera Emperor J Standard Classic
    Fender Custom Shop 60’s Jazz Bass (non-materbuilt)
    Kiesel JB model of some kind

    Possibly if cash back makes sense: Fodera Monarch 4 standard classic

    Other brands of interest:

    Sandberg (other models)
    Roscoe J Style

    I’m open to other basses as well, at the end of the day, the bass in return is really secondary to the cash coming back. So, if you want to offer me a bass worth $1000 and balance it with cash, I am okay with that.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. For outright purchase buyer pays actual shipping.

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