SOLD Fodera Monarch Deluxe 4 Redwood Burl

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    Selling my Fodera Monarch Deluxe 4


    Redwood Burl Top

    Mahogany body

    Ebony Board

    5-pc Maple Neck with Blocks

    EMG pickups

    Pope preamp

    19mm spacing

    Rare Monarch with that Redwood Burl and the nice blocks. The bass is in excellent condition except of a crack in the upper area of the board. It did not move since the previous owner received it 10 years or so. The crack is reflected in the price. The bass sounds as explosive as you would expect from the Monarch series with EMGs. Perfect action nd playability !

    Asking 3500 GBP or 4000 EUR plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany.

    Pics here:

    Basses by Rainer Bastian




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