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For Sale Fodera Victor Wooten, only five basses all over the world!!! MINT!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by drcor, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. drcor


    Aug 13, 2005
    Verona - Italy
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    Bought from Bass Club Chicago, please visit also their site to watch a pic of Victor Wooten
    that play this bass and a couple of videos. (search under Fodera).

    Bass is mint!

    I only consider a trade with Fodera yin yang deluxe mint 4 strings
    For those that are really interested I'll give them my nickname on ebay to check my feedback.

    Shipping by UPS for free

    A highlight of Namm 2013 is an exact replica of Victor Wootens original Monarch that was built in 1983. This bass is made from the same batch of wood as Vics! Victor even blessed this bass at the Namm show and below a pic to prove it. There might even be a little funk butter left on the strings from Vic.

    • Birth Month: December
    • Birth Year: 2012
    • Model: Victor Wooten Monarch Classic - Limited Edition
    • Top Wood: Curly Maple (Solid)
    • Body Wood: Mahogany/ Maple (Maple Tone Block)
    • Fingerboard Wood: Indian Rosewood (Original Shop Stash)
    • Neck Wood: 5-pc. Maple with Walnut Stringers
    • Neck Joint: Dovetail
    • Scale Length: 34"
    • Strings: 4 (19.0mm spacing)
    • Frets 24 (Large)
    • FB Inlay: Mother-of-Pearl Dots w.Tulips on 12th & 24th,
    • Original Style Wooden Butterfly on Headstock
    • Pickups: EMG P/J
    • Preamp: Original Fodera / HAZ Circuit
    • Control Layout: Classic Monarch Layout

    The decision to build a Limited Edition of six EXACT replicas of Victor Wooten's original Monarch (Fodera #37) was the culmination of several distinct events. First, as we organized the shop over the past three years we discovered that we had enough Mahogany, Maple, and Indian Rosewood to build six Monarchs from exactly the same stash of woods used to build #37. Second, we still had eight original Fodera / HAZ Preamps (6 for this Limited Edition and two "just in case"). Third, although we no longer had any New Old Stock (NOS) Schaller Tuning Machines or Bridges, these parts were still made by Schaller in almost exactly the same way as they were in back in 1983 (the only notable difference is that they say "Made in Germany" rather than "Made in W. Germany")! Oh yeah, and Joey even had a box of Aluminum knobs from 1983 with enough to provide original, NOS Volume-Volume-Tone knobs.

    With all this in mind, and given our friendship and association with Victor, we set about adding six VW Monarch Limited Editions to our build schedule to be delivered in 2013 -- our 30th Anniversary year. From the original shop stash of early 1980's woods, to the original, hand-carved body shape, original wooden butterfly logo, original preamp, 3-piece body (on a Dovetail instrument) and hand rubbed Watco oil finish, EVERYTHING about this Limited Edition is as faithful to the original as humanly possible -- something that we will never again be able to recreate.

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