SOLD Fodera Yin Yang standard series 1 PRICE DROP $3700

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  1. nickty0107

    nickty0107 Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2017
    For sale is my fodera yin yang standard. This beauty sports a Red alder body, flame maple/painted top, maple neck with an ebony board and MOP inlays. EMG P/J pickups, and the Pope 3-band EQ. I’ve put a picture of the control layout to save the time and confusion of explaining it. Black hardware, with a brass nut. Very minimal wear, i took pictures of the noticeable dings i could find, but nothing crazy at all. Comes with the case candy and an extra set of Victor Wooten strings. Here’s your chance to snag an awesome bass at a great price.
    0002AEFB-C1E0-4858-B5E6-B579EEE1E5F7.jpeg C94591CF-A239-44E9-98AB-03DAED527DEA.jpeg EA69A998-289A-4531-9BC8-A5DA3BCBFE6E.jpeg
    9369A45E-2DB9-46D9-9118-02770C588252.jpeg 2ED3D66C-91C5-4B9E-90E0-4EBBEE09B371.jpeg 38589A80-E91A-405A-944F-5AE1E5F463BE.jpeg 295850C7-981F-4695-9183-0D921E6C84BF.jpeg 8B33687A-1DF7-4F5C-BA76-918796B3A54E.jpeg 105719DF-944B-4BC1-A742-410B684F9D69.jpeg AD8A22D2-F980-48FD-9092-CDA431E7AF92.jpeg 67977AB2-40DF-4B20-BCDA-D187B8E9A65E.jpeg E15EB556-F3B8-4097-9210-473DAD2E6E6C.jpeg
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  2. nickty0107

    nickty0107 Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2017
    PRICE DROPPED TO $3700. Feel free to pm me an offer.
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  3. DownhillWillie


    May 22, 2007
    What a beauty! If I didn't already have one (that I paid over 5k for) I'd buy this in a second!