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Follow Up: Classic Rock GS112

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ccyork, May 24, 2004.

  1. ccyork


    Jan 26, 2004
    Well I'm ready to post my follow up to my tone-quest. The original thread was called Classic rock: Avatar B210, Aguilar GS112 or Eden D112XLT? .

    I was looking for a warm punchy tone suitable for blues, Motown, and classic rock. I first chose the Aguilar GS112 as my cabinet of choice, then I was looking for a head. At the end of the thread I decided to go with the Ampeg B2-R.

    Well since that time I had a chance to try various heads. I live in a remote area, but I drove around and tried everything I could within a 300 miles range, but did not have an opportunity to try the amps with my bass or with my GS112. I tried SWR, Mesa, and GK. I loved the Mesa Walkabout head, but in the end I could not justify spending the money at this time.

    So after all this I went home and ordered the Ampeg B2-R from American Musical Supply. Was I disappointed! This was definitely not the tone I was looking for. Not punchy, but boomy and muddy. The amp had one basic sound, and the only tone I could get that I liked was similiar to the sound on the old Doors recordings. A good sound, but not very versatile for other types of music IMHO. Also it was not cutting it volume wise, even in rehearsal.

    So what to do? I plugged the pre-amp of my Fender Bassman 25 into the the B2-R power amp section. Now that was the tone I had envisioned (enheardened?). OK so maybe I should get the Fender Bassman 400 head. I ordered that one. Wow it was huge, but if it had the tone...I was definitely able to get my magic tone out of this amp, punchy and warm, but in order to get the volume up to a usable level, I had to turn the gain up so far that the sound became distorted and boomy. Ugh! I tried plugging the pre-out of the Bassman 400 into our Peavey PA power amp at 800 watts and back into the GS112, that didn't sound TOO bad.

    I was starting to get very discouraged at this point, thinking I should just get a power amp and plug my Bassman 25 into the thing. Not the best solution, because I was really trying to be as portable as I could. I got to thinking that my problem was not lack of power, because 300 watts should be enough. I thought maybe the problem is that the input stage does not have enough headroom...I looked for an amp that had lots of headroom on the input.

    Enter the GK700RB-II, my final attempt to find a head before going to the power-amp thing. When the GK arrived I was immediately impressed with how small and light-weight it was compared to the other two amps, but honestly I did not have high hopes for this amp, because I had not heard of many other people using it with the GS112 and also because many folks have said it is sterile sounding.

    Well I plugged my bass in and set the knobs to the suggested rock setting in the owner's manual. My first impression of the tone was...YUCK! But the amp was loud, thats for sure.

    I'll tell you what though, after playing with the knobs for about 1/2 hour I really began to appreciate this amp. I was able to get some really great tones out of it. Not exactly the magic tone I had in my head, but different in a good way. (BTW I think my magic tone is the kind of sound that is easily buried in the mix, and not very useful for band setting anyway). I would not describe this amp as sterile at all. It is very warm and can be growly in a good way, but also squeaky clean enough to make my P-Bass sound like an upright. The GK was 10 times more versatile than the Ampeg or the Fender, very easy to figure out how the knobs affect the tone, tons of headroom in the input stage, and plenty loud for my needs.

    The sound was also very dry, punchy, and tight, and you could FEEL the rumble of the bass in a way that you just could not with the Ampeg or the Fender. Also when I plug my SansAmp GT-2 into the front, I get another really great, but completely different sound, but I doubt I'll need to use it that often because the GK alone has such a great variety of tone.

    So what I'm saying is I'm sure glad I tried the GK700RB-II. I'm keeping it, and would highly recommend it as a great match for the Aguilar GS112.

    Now I just need ONE MORE GS112, and I'll be set for a good long while! :D

    PS Thanks to everyone for their input on the original post. It was all very helpful, even though I ended up walking down a different road!
  2. Jerry Ziarko

    Jerry Ziarko Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    Ditto on the second GS112! If you like what you are hearing now, you're going to be thrilled when you hear the pair!! I too felt somewhat the same when I purchased a 1001RBll. After playing with the eq a bit, I absolutely love the way it sits in the mix.
  3. bigdaddy


    Feb 4, 2005
    texarkana, usa
    I agree 100%! I just got a 700rbII and a GS112NT for my old fretless precision and the rig sounds great. I play almost all jazz and in a trio or with a really loud big band it sounds wonderful. And I can set up in one trip.
  4. USAJO


    Apr 13, 2005
    Glad you worked thru it with the head. At one time I had a GK and it had great tone period. I used one single twelve Epifani cab and thought it sounded very good, when I added a second one I couldn't believe how much better my Eden amp performed. This was due to bringing the load down to 4 ohms along with adding the additional cab. I think you'll be knocked out when you can add the second GS112. I've read alot of great comments about that cab. Good luck.