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  1. Anyone read any foodblogs? The Great Taco Hunt has been a staple of my life for the past four months or so. I've had many a tasty taco or burrito thanks to them.
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    Looks good...

    But I would like to be stereotypical pig for a second and say that North Cal Taquerias are much better then Socal. :) They have more flavors!

    I would love a nice chili verde burrito right now... or chorizo. MMMMMMMmmmMMMMmmmMMMMM

    So wait... no taco hunt for Norcal/bay area on that site? How not cool!

    PS that Sanchez place is defiantly going to be my stop next time I am in LA. thanks! :)
  3. Pretty much every taqueria down here that is actually patronized by Mexicans (as opposed to Benito's, Campo's, etc.) has the following meats:

    • Carne asada (beefsteak)
    • Pollo (chicken)
    • Carnitas (shredded pork)
    • Al pastor/adobado (barbecued pork)
    • Lengua (cow/pig tongue)
    • Cabeza (headcheese :eek: )
    • Buche (pig intestine :eek: :eek: :eek: )

    You'll often see one or more of the following: pescado; camarones; chorizo; and my personal favorite, chiva barbacoa/birria.

    NorCal hella sucks. :mad: :mad: :mad: ;)
  4. Surely there's a NorCal taco blog. I mean, there's one for Seattle, and until about five years ago you could count the number of Mexicans in the Puget Sound area on two hands...