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  1. Well the playoffs are over for my team. Good job though boys! I was wondering if any of you who played football in High School or College wished they could play again. I know I do. I played in HS. But i was more interested in music at the time. Of course my coaches never really gave me a chance anyways. I loved being on defense. I never liked playing offense. I loved plowing through that offensive line. Never got a sack though. In Hs i was 6'5 and 275 pounds. And always the biggest guy on the field. I remeber the center saying oh s***. Im going to be 27 this friday. So i guess all hopes are gone. BUt what I wouldnt do to be able to suit up again. I know theres talk about an arena team coming here. How about you guys?
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    I play on the weekends with my buddies. Same group of us have been playing for over 15 years. I am going to try out for our local semi-pro team this year. My opinion is obviously slanted, but I think I have a good chance to get on the team.