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    Apr 22, 2003
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    If your a fan of football you know that the Detroit Lion's in the last five years have the worst record in the NFL, and also hold the record for the most consecutive road losses. It so happens Matt Millen the GM of the Lion's took over this 9-7 playoff team 5 years ago and we have had just dysfunction ever since. 3 different head coaches, 3 different offensive and defensive coordinators, all the top draft picks have been eithier a busts or underachieveing.

    The Detroit Lion's fans are fed up. Last week at Ford Field a man was "tackled" by the nazi security guards because he was holding a Fire Millen sign. We are organizing a mass protest in order to dethrown Matt Millions. He was just given a 5 year contract extension by the senile Ford Family. The ownership only cares about making money! Lion's fans are loyal, we will not jump on the bandwagon of another team. We will force the Lords to consider getting rid of Matt Millions.

    We ask all fans to feel our pain. This is or could be, or has been your team at one time. Lion's fans are planning an "orange out" protest. During next weeks home game VS the Bengals fans will be wearing all hunter orange, the color of the Bengals. Since we cannot have signs or the gastapo will throw you out of the stadium and ban you for life, this is a way of peaceful protest. We ask if anyone is attending a football game for the rest of the season, if they could falsh a "Fire Matt Millen" sign to get some national exposure leading up to next weeks last home game at Ford Field. The Lion's faithful is serious about this and need your help. We need football fans in other states to show support of getting rid of bad ownership and managment and make the NFL hold teams accountable for thier records and efforts on the football field. This Sunday 12/11 Detroit is playing Greenbay at Lambeau. Detroit fans will be there flashing "Fire Millen" signs. We also have fans in other states at other sports like hockey and basketball chanting "Fire Millen" and holdng up signs. If there is support in other states at other games we will not forget the favor and will do the same if your team needs some help and your fans need exposure for your causes.

    I know it's a tough thing to ask and is not very popular. If you know any unfortunate Lion's fans spread the word. If your an out of state Lion's fan going to a sporting event make a sign. We need all the exposure we can get leading up to our last home game in order for this to work.

    Thank you!
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    We could try firing the Owners!
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    Jan 5, 2002
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    No argument on Millen but calling security guards Nazi's for doing there job is pretty friggin stupid.
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    I do wonder about the technicalities of that sign. They said on tv that signs in their stadium are NOT illegal, and I suppose that one's not racist or "offensive" any more than any other bashing. Maybe it was considered to be "causing a scene" or something. Bad move putting it on tv, though.
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    I don't have enough interest in the Detroit Lions to do all the research, so could someone close to the situation tell me how in the world Millen still has his job? Why is he still there?

    IIRC he has had a couple public screwups, and still has his job.

  7. Millen's record as a GM is an absolute joke. I'm sure one of you Lions fans has the exact number, but what I found funny was that his record actually improved during Mariucci's tenure. Pathetic.
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    Since your in law enforcement I can see why you would not like my choice in words.

    Maybe I should say the rules of Ford Field is comparable to Nazi Germany? Sensorship, freedom of speach. You can have a sign that reads Go Lion's..but not one that says Fire Millen....that's friggin stupid!
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    Apr 22, 2003
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    I did see about a half dozen "Fire Millen" signs in Green Bay last night!!!! :hyper:
  10. I don't think the kid was really in a whole lot of trouble for the sign, but he was causing a rukus as he was running through the asles and maybe getting in other people's way...also, because i only the part of TV where he was running for 3 seconds and then got tackled, i don't know that he did something else to get in trouble...maybe he was yelling obscenities...maybe he was throwing things. It reminds me of those police videos where the only part that the viewers see is the part where the cop is beating the guy into the ground and we shout "police brutality!" but wh didn't see that same guy shooting at the cops for the previous 10 minutes.

    personally, i think the lions need to get out from Ford ownership. I am not sure if Millen is the problem, but i do think that have owners that could care less about the team one way or another is going to be a problem.