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  1. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
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    Hello to all,
    It seems that the Fishman Voltage Doubler is the easiest and most convinient way to provide 18 Volts to a stock system.
    It uses only 1 9 Volt Battery and is easy to install.
    The best of all is that you wont have to route or make room for another battery.
    The downside, is that the same battery will drown faster (I believe)
    It will work with EMG Systems, Bartolini 18 Volt Sytems.. (DONT DO IT TO A 9 VOLT BART, IT WILL DIE), Seymour Duncans , etc.

    And it is available at
  2. Davidoc

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    Sep 2, 2000
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    The battery drain's kinda bad. Personally, I prefer 18v parallel, with 4 batterys. :)
  3. There are a couple of ways to achieve voltage convertion: one is doubling (or some other multiple) and the other is generating a mirror image of the input voltage but in the negative sense. Eg. For a +9V input you generate a -9V. This can the be used with the + 9V to give 18Volts total with a zero Volt rail, too.

    There isn't any reason why either couldn't be used with onboard actives.


    These circuits tend to kick out loads of electrical noise because they're designed around inverter circuits which use high frequency square waves. There is a good chance that some of that noise will find its way into the preamp and, whilst you might not hear it, it may upset the operation of the actives.

    Voltage convertion would not be my first choice for this sort of thing. And, yes, battery drain will be a big problem, too.