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  1. car: 1984 pontiac trans am

    how do i raise the " idle " on it?

    any replys good, or maybe a site i can look at?
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    Carb or EFI, and if its EFI is it tuned port or cross fire?

    Carb there is a 1/4" screw on the driver side of the carb that raises base idle.

    EFI is computer controlled and shouldnt be played with. Look for something that would cause the idle to be too low, like a stuck open EGR valve, dirty throttle plates, or a inoperative idle air control motor.

    There is a screw on most fuel injected cars that is often mistook for a base idle screw. 99% of the time theyre capped from the factory. Only when all else fails should this screw be screwed with, and at that time you should have a scanner(or a digital voltmeter) hooked up so you can read the throttle position sensor voltage, so you dont set it too high and turn on the "Check Engine" light.

    For a Trans Am site try here.........
  3. i dont know all the fancy specs on the car, just bought it, but i do know it is NOT fuel injected, its carbarated ( gotta play with the gas to start her up )
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