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for all you mp3 hounds

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by lemonadeisgood, Oct 8, 2002.

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  1. lemonadeisgood


    Aug 22, 2001
    Let's see your playlists. Here's mine:

    At The Drive In - Arc Arsenal
    At The Drive In - Enfilade
    At The Drive In - Invalid Litter Dept.
    At The Drive In - Mannequin Republic
    At The Drive In - Rolodex Propaganda
    At The Drive-In - pickpocket
    At The Drive-In - transatlantic foe
    Chevelle - An Evening With El Diablo
    Chevelle - Closure
    Chevelle - Family System
    Chevelle - Grab Thy Hand
    Chevelle - Open
    Chevelle - Point #1
    Chevelle - The Red
    Chore - Aloha
    chore - By God
    Chore - Dog in the mange
    Chore - General Warning
    Chore - Hennessy
    Chore - The Coast
    Chore - The Hitchhiker
    Chore - The Wall Burns
    chore - Virginia Creeper
    Far - Boring Life
    Far - Bury White
    Far - I like it
    Far - In the Aisle, Yelling
    Far - Joining the Circus
    Far - Love, American Style
    Far - Man of the Year
    Far - Man Overboard
    Far - Mother Mary
    Far - Nestle
    Far - Punchdrunk
    Far - Quick
    Far - Really here
    Far - The System
    Far - Waiting For Sunday
    Far - Water And Solutions
    Far - Wear It So Well
    Far - What I've Wanted to Say
    Finch - Awake
    finch - Ender
    Finch - Grey Matter
    Finch - Letters to You
    Finch - Post Script
    Finch - Stay With Me
    Finch - Three Simple Words
    Finch - Without You Here
    Finger Eleven - Above
    Finger Eleven - Bones and Joints
    Finger Eleven - Drag You Down
    Finger Eleven - Famous
    Finger Eleven - First Time
    finger eleven - my carousel
    Finger Eleven - Quicksand
    Finger Eleven - Shudder
    Finger Eleven - Sick Of It All
    Finger Eleven - Stay and Drown
    Finger Eleven - Suffocate
    Foo Fighters - All My Life
    Foo Fighters - Big Me
    Foo Fighters - Breakout
    Foo Fighters - Everlong
    Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around
    Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
    Foo Fighters - My Hero
    Foo Fighters - This Is A Call
    Further Seems Forever - Just Until Sundown
    Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down
    Glassjaw - Ape Dos Mil
    Glassjaw - Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
    Glassjaw - Radio Cambodia
    Glassjaw - Stuck Pig
    Glassjaw - Trailer Park Jesus
    Glassjaw - Two Tabs Of Mescaline
    Green Day - She
    Green Day - Walking Contradiction
    Greenday - Welcome to Paradise
    Guns And Roses - Dont Cry
    Guns and Roses - November Rain
    Guns and Roses - Paradise City
    Guns and Roses - Sweet Child Of Mine
    Guns-live and let die
    Matthew Good Band - Advertising on Police Cars
    Matthew Good Band - Anti-Pop
    Matthew Good Band - Apparitions
    Matthew Good Band - Carmelina
    Matthew Good Band - Everything Is Automatic
    Matthew Good Band - Fearless
    Matthew Good Band - Hello Timebomb
    Matthew Good Band - Indestructable
    Matthew Good Band - Load Me Up
    Matthew Good Band - Prime Time Deliverance
    Matthew Good Band - Rico
    Matthew Good Band - Running For Home
    Matthew Good Band - Sort of a Protest Song
    Matthew Good Band - Strange Days
    Matthew Good Band - The Future Is X-Rated
    Matthew Good Band - The Rat Who Would be King
    matthew good band - Tripoli
    Matthew Good Band - Truffle Pigs
    Metallica - Hero of the Day
    New End Original - #1 Defende
    New End Original - 14-41
    new end original - better than ever
    New End Original - Halo
    New End Original - Hostage
    New End Original - Leper Song
    new end original - lukewarm
    New End Original - Titanic
    Offspring - All I Want
    offspring - the meaning of life
    Phantom Planet - California
    Pillar - Carbon-Based
    Pillar - Fractions
    Pillar - Howard Roarke
    Pillar - Lethargy Is Killing Me
    Pillar - Matter Of Time
    Pillar - Petting Zoo
    Pillar - Shatter
    Pillar - We All Want Out
    Poison the Well - A Wish For Things That Work
    Poison The Well - Botchla
    Poison the Well - Nerdy
    Poison The Well - Pieces Of You In Me
    Poison the Well - Slice Paper Wrists
    Poison The Well - Turn Down Elliot
    Sparta - Assemble The Empire
    sparta - cut your ribbon
    Sparta - Light Burns Clear
    Sparta - The Host
    Taking back sunday - Good enough
    Taking back sunday - great romances
    Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves At New Jersey
    Taking back Sunday - Track 02
    Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer
    Thursday - A Hole in the World
    Thursday - Autobiography Of A Nation
    Thursday - Concealer
    Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes
    Thursday - In Transmission
    Thursday - Porcelain
    Thursday - Standing on the Edge of Summer
    Thursday - The Dotted Line
    Thursday - This Side of Brightness
    Thursday - Understanding in a Car Crash
    Thursday - Wind-up

    BTW: Pillar, is not the christian nu-metal band, the Pillar on my playlist is a local band. Just thought I'd make that clear.
  2. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    And your point with this is...?
  3. um, excuse me. are you actually asking everyone to post their entire playlist??
  4. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Exactly. I got about 1500 MP3's, and there's probably guys here who can beat me.

    Are you trying to crash the server? ;)
  5. Bryan R. Tyler

    Bryan R. Tyler TalkBass: Usurping My Practice Time Since 2002 Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    May 3, 2002
    I have "Happy Birthday" on auto-repeat. It makes me feel special.
  6. "hey emonadeisgood! you gotta nice mp3 list over there!!" :D

    Just kidding man.. I think the 98% of TBers are all mp3 hounds, andmaybe the shortest playlists are as long as yours.. I have every single album that my dad and I own, in mp3... Filling pages posting such huge lists would be a completely pointless waste.
  7. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000

    Oh thanks man! I was sooo confused! :)
  8. yeah... i'm just gonna go ahead and close this. don't worry, lemonade, we all make a bad thread once in a while. happens to the best of us.

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