For Any Vocalists Out There, A P.A. System For Sale

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  1. What I have for sale is a AudioChoice C100 P.A. System. 4-channel powered mixer, 2 - 10", 2-way speaker cabinets, with 1- Dynamic microphone & cable, plus 2 - speaker cables. The C100 powered mixer features a 3-band EQ and Reverb. Shipping will cost $50 via UPS ground. I do not have the original box. I have the microphone box though. Additionally I will include a 15 ft. microphone cable. Also, a microphone stand which is very nice. Make me your best offer. E-Mail:

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    Jul 25, 2001
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    i might be interested but i would have no idea how much you'd want for it. They are going for 150-200 used on ebay. Dunno how much do u thinks fair?