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For anyone looking for a Geddy Lee style tone....

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by SquierJazz72, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I realize he doesn't really use amps much anymore, but when he did, I seem to recall that he split his signal between a clean, pure bass sound and a distorted sound with lots of highs and mids, but with little bottom end, then mixed the two to get that snarly mid range tone.

    Since I don't have the DI stuff at the moment, but do have two amps, I did some experimenting.

    I used my stereo chorus pedal to split my signal off the bass, but left the chorus effect itself almost off. One line ran straight into my Rumble 15, with the mids cranked, some highs and bass.

    The other side ran through a DS-1 distortion pedal(tone off,gain about 75%), into my old Frontman 15. That amp is set with the bass cut, mids and treble all the way up. Experiment to find the right volumes between the two amps.

    Pickups on the bass are: bridge,100% neck about 60%
    Then I just attacked the bass and dug in hard.

    It really didn't sound too bad, so I just thought I'd throw it out there for anyone who's so inclined to approach it from that angle.

    Granted, if you have different amps/pedals, you'll likely have different settings, but the basic idea worked well enough.

    The clean amp gives it some good drive and punch, the distorted amp gives it that growly mid range sound. Hit the strings hard, for a bit of fret buzz on top of it all.
  2. jeffgnr90


    Aug 4, 2011
    I think I've nailed his tone..kinda:smug:. idk how it sits in a mix but I can say for sure in a weekend or two. here's what I used..

    Acoustic b600h into 2 Acoustic b410's
    Gain 1:00/Vol. whatever it needs to be at/Freq. 2:00/40hz 2:00/120hz 2:00/350hz 1:00/800hz 2:00/2k 1:00/5k 3:00

    Squier VM jazz bass w/Model J pickups
    Rotosound Swing Jazz strings
    Digitech RP80
    Compressor setting 2/noise gate setting 5/modulation phaser setting 1/EQ flat
    Sansamp BDDI Deluxe
    drive full on/bass 11:00/treble 12:00/presence full off/blend 9:30/lvl. 11:30

    There's a Boss OC3 in the fx chain which i wasn't using but if you were to add it to the sound I would go for Poly mode/Octave 2 full off/Octave 1 9:00/lvl. 3:00

    Sooo there you have it. Nice and detailed, hope it helps. I imagine I'll probably come back to it tomorrow and think it needs tweeking. The sound itself reminds me of Ged's Moving Pictures tone. YYZ and The Camera Eye to be specific. Of course low action and right hand technique are also required to get his tone.
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